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Detention jail (prison) in Prague Pankrác

Published: 5.3.2008
As a Criminal Act was used within last 100 years Emperor´s Patent No. 117 about crimes, and offences. In July 1885, there was started at outskirts of a town, between quarters of Nusle and Pankrác, with a construction of new prison-building. The construction was terminated in 1889, and immediately afterthat the first prisoners were placed here.

This jail was, at that time, quite modern building, woth central heating, gas lighting, there were built bathrooms, classrooms, lecture-room, gymnasium, workshop rooms, six walking courtyards, hospital with 22 rooms, Catholic church, Evangelist chapel and house of prayer for belivers of Israeli confession.

In 1918, the jail was used also for Regional Criminal Court  in Prague, with a capacity of 800 prisoners. Within German occupation, it was founded here detention on remand of German Criminal Police (Gestapo). In April 1943, there was established in an object ecetution-room. However, till April 1945, there was executed here, by decapitation, more than 1000 persons. In 1950, there were in prison here and executed political prisoners, for instance Mrs. Milada Horáková.

At present, this custody jail Prague-Pankrác secures the detention-performance of incriminated men and women, and partially of punishment execution of men in a prison with supervision, inspection and vigilance. Its total capacity is 972 places, 478 places of this are reserved for custody-execution, and 494 places for punishments of freedom loose.

Text: Markéta Řandová

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