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SAR, Pretoria – The Purpure City I

Published: 18.1.2019
Our trip today will be dedicated to Pretoria, South Africa. The name is borne by A. Pretorius, the leader of the Búur, who has greatly advocated the founding of South Africa.

Pretoria is located in the fertile valley of the Apies River at the foot of the Magaliesberg Mountains. Thanks to the vast number of Jacaranda trees in Pretoria, the city is often nicknamed the Jacaranda City, because the purple flowers give it a specific look.

Pretoria is about 50 kilometers from Johannesburg, the largest city in South Africa, but if you manage to visit both cities, you will certainly tell us that they can not be different. While Pretoria is the home of diplomats, state officials, city districts are neat, the population enjoys a relatively high standard of living, Johannesburg is almost the opposite.


In addition, Pretoria is an important industrial, educational and cultural center. It houses, for example, the University of Pretoria, founded in 1930, or the University of South Africa, which is one of the largest open universities in the world. Universities on this principle generally have very low qualifications for applicants.

Major tourist attractions include historic buildings, memorials, museums or beautiful botanical gardens, such as Pretoria National Botanic Garden.

the view over the zoo

This beautiful botanical garden, covering an area of 76 hectares, is located on the eastern outskirts of the city. The main thing that the garden presents to its visitors is the South African flora. The park is divided into two parts, the boundary of which forms the crest of the quartz. The northern part of the garden is warmer and the southerly colder. The garden is also home to nearly two hundred species of birds and several species of mammals and reptiles. After a tour that will take you a bit of time, you will definitely welcome some good tooth in the local Mokha restaurant.

Botanical garden   Botanical garden

After the botanical garden, we will visit another garden, this time zoological. That's even a little bigger. It covers a total area of 85 hectares and believe that you will spend it all day without problems. You will see reptiles passing through a giant aviary and the only inland aquarium in a country where, among other things, swims a sand shark.

Of course there are mammals. If you like your comfort, you can rent a golf cart or take a cable car at the zoo. And if you like a bit of adventure, zoo can be visited even at night, and even you can camp here.

GPS: 25°45'52.7"S 28°11'20.9"E


Text: Maxim Kucer

Photos: Wikipedia.org: NJR ZA, NJR ZA (2), Zakysant, JMK, NJR ZA (3), XcepticZP

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