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Nepal, Mount Everest – A Trek to the Base Camp

Published: 29.9.2018
Who would not want to see the world's highest mountain the faous Mount Everest? The Nepalese call it "Sagarmatha" (The Face of Heaven). The trek to the base camp, from where climbing trips take place on Everest, it is one of the most popular hikes in the Himalayas, even for ordinary tourists.

You do not have to be a climber. Almost anyone who is reasonably physically fit and able to walk 6-7 hours a day for 11 to 20 days with a backpack on his back can handle this type of trek. A total of 130 km of trek to the base camp takes 12 days, of which 8 days of climb comprising two acclimation days and four days of descent. The peak of the trek is the exit to the top of Kala Pattar (5 545 m above sea level). For the more proficient and courageous with plenty of time, it is still possible to stretch the trek and go through three saddles (Kongma La, Cho La, Renjo La).

náklad pomáhají nosit jaci a oslové   jak, pomocník šerpů

Do You Love Nature?

If you love mountains, here you can enjoy them. And it certainly will not just be for admiring the landscape. You will not only see the Himalayas panoramic ridges, but also traditional Serpian villages, visiting Buddhist monasteries and countless prayer mills. To be able to stand under the majestic Mount Everest (8 848 m above sea level), it is necessary to arrange a general treasure permit (ie TIMS) and a permit to the Sagarmatha National Park. Without these two permits, the trek can not be completed.

modlitební mlýnky

základní tábor Mount Everest Base Camp se stal dosažitelným cílem pro lidi z celého světa   výhled z Gokyo Ri na jezero

Nejnebezpečnější letiště světa?

The adventure begins in the mountain town of Lukla (2,860 meters above sea level) at the local airport of Sir Edmund Hillary and the Tenzing Norgay scepter who first captured Mount Everest in 1953. A thirty-minute flight from Kathmandu is one of the lifetime memories you will be remembered . Just 460 meters long runway, at the end of which there is a rock wall and a steep slope on the opposite side. Due to this form and unpredictable weather, the airport has become one of the most dangerous in the world.

jedno z nejnebezpečnějších letišť světa leží v nadmořské výšce 2 860 metrů

The best time to visit the Sagarmatha National Park is from October to November, possibly from March to May, when the best visibility is, but the disadvantage is the tour full of tourists.

On the way to the base camp there are plenty of bedding suitable for bed. The price of accommodation is very favorable. By default, local residents expect you to eat at the accommodation. Prices of accommodation and meals are rising in proportion to the altitude. Average daily cost in the mountains ranges from about $ 7 to $ 15. The advantage is having your own water filter or pills that saves you a lot of money. All extra services are payable for all services. Want to have a warm shower? You also have to pay for it, but definitely do not expect hot water to flow, mostly it is only lukewarm water heated in a bucket.

vesnice Gorak Shep je výchozí bod pro pro návštěvu základního tábora Everestu   dál bhat – tradiční nepálský pokrm

Every year, many people try this trek from all over the world - different nationalities and ages. So why could not you be another one of them? Do not hesitate and see for yourself!

GPS: (základní tábor) 28°00'11.6"N 86°51'11.6"E


Text and photos: Andrea Meluzínová

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