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The areas with increased risk for foreigners - the acceptability of the visit, with regard to political or other situation in the country:


The foreigners were not the targets (with seldom exceptions) of terrorist attacks, owing to chronic conflicts with Palestinians, and total absence of peace agreements with Syria and Leban. Nevertheless, you are recommended to take in mind potential risks of attacks to such places, where bigger crowds of Israeli civilians are to be met, and with riots on Palestinian territories. So, as the subject of similar terrorist attacks, there were, in recent years, market places, bus stations, bus stops and entertainment clubs.

You are not recommended to travel into Gasa strip area. Before your eventual journey into Palestinian Autonomy Territories in West bank of Jordan, it is quite important to be acquiainted with actual recommandation, issued by Interior Ministry and published on web-site pages.

So are recommended to keep your travel documents always available, for the sake of eventuel control, effected on stabil or temporary check-points of Israeli police and armed units.


Important phone numbers: 

Ambulance: 101

Police: 100

Firemen: 102






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Important Information:

Information and warnings on travelling abroad is to be found HERE.

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