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Český Brod - A Bizzare Gothic - VIDEO
Published: 1.6.2010
headings (paragraphs): Region of Central Bohemia
Český Brod is a calm town, where everybody knows with each other. It is the second greatest town of Kolín district.

Centralamerican Cordillera Mountains
Published: 31.5.2010
headings (paragraphs): Mountaineer guide, Trekking
Central-American Cordillera Mountains are characterized with high placed table lands, including several peaks of volcanic origin. They are starting from Sierra Nevada on borders with Mexico and Guatemala, passing as one ridge up to South America.

Sierra Madre And Mexican Volcans
Published: 30.5.2010
headings (paragraphs): Mountaineer guide, Trekking
Sierra Madre (Sierra Madre de Chiapas in Mexico) is a mountain range, passing from north-west to south-east, from Chiapas state in Mexico, via Guatemala just up to Salvador and Honduras. This mountain range system takes approx. 80% of Mexico territory. At the same time, it belongs, with its extention, to the greatest mountain ridges of the world.

CZ: Kutná Hora - Silver Town - VIDEO
Published: 25.5.2010
headings (paragraphs): Region of Central Bohemia
The walk through Kutná Hora will change to run, provided you intend to visit all local places of interest. Frankly speaking, it is impossible to do it within one day. Even a weekend is unsufficient.

Surinam - Omitted Country Of South America VII.
Published: 22.5.2010
headings (paragraphs): Traveller  guide
This final part turns to several attractive places from tourist point of view, which are worth to visit...

Kleť Look Out Tower
Published: 21.5.2010
headings (paragraphs): Region of south Bohemia
Kleť (1084 m above sea level) is the highest point of Blanský les (Blansky Forest). Stone look out tower is erecting on its top. It is the oldest building of such type in Czech Republic. The unique circle view is to be offered, under favourable weather conditions. In autumn, when the air is transparent, you can even catch a glimpse of Alp peaks, sometimes covered with snow.

Biela Voda Valley
Published: 20.5.2010
headings (paragraphs): Tips for trips
This National Nature Reservation is situated in north part of High Tatra Mountains inside land-register of the community of Tatranska Javorina, Prešov Region. The valley is 13 kms long, with many great adjoining valleys, and it is the longest one in High Tatra.

Sochi - the town of sun VI.
Published: 19.5.2010
headings (paragraphs): Traveller  guide
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