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CR: Vlašim – in and under the castle
heading (paragraph): Towns
Vlašim is about twelve thousand inhabitants town in central Bohemia. It lies a bit less than twen...

CR: Mladá Boleslav - city of cars
heading (paragraph): Towns
Mladá Boleslav is ancient, but also the modern central Bohemian city that is famous for anything ...

CZ: Lány - Rural Residence Of The Presidents
heading (paragraph): Towns
Small town, which castle and surrounded nature, loved the first and last Czechoslovak presidents ...

CZ: Toušeň Spa - Where Top Athletes Are Treated
heading (paragraph): Towns
A small spa town you can found not far from Prague. It lies on the left bank of the Elbe. His fam...

CZ: Domažlice - Chod Culture Centre
heading (paragraph): Towns
More than eleven thousand people live in this pleasant city, which is tightly linked with many so...

CZ: Loučeň - The Castle, Where It Lives
heading (paragraph): Towns
Loučeň, a small town, but correct township, is located just 12 kilometres from Nymburk, dominated...

Switzerland: Zurich – City Of Bankers
heading (paragraph): States
In the largest, but also Switzerland's most beautiful city he lives about 400 thousand people. Zu...

CZ: The New Bydžov – City Of Students
heading (paragraph): Towns
New Bydžov - a town located in Hradec Kralove region, which once famous annual student Merrily. P...

CZ: Bezděz: Emblazoned Mysteries "King Of Castles"
heading (paragraph): Towns
Bezděz lies just a few kilometres from the Macha Lake. The dominant feature is the small village ...

CZ: Rokytnice nad Jizerou - A Trip To The Mountain
heading (paragraph): Towns
Rokytnice nad Jizerou - a town located in the Giant Mountains and one of the major ski resor...

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