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Alaska And Aleut Islands
Published: 9.4.2010
Alaska Peninsula, which presents an area of untouched and wild nature, is the greatest and the least inhabitated island at the same time of United States.

Himalaya Mountain Ranges
Published: 2.4.2010
Himalaya Mountain Range is extended on territories of Bhutan, India, China (Tibet), Nepal and Pakistan, presenting the highest mountain belt of the Earth.

The Mountains Of Antarctica
Published: 2.2.2010
The continent of Antrarctica presents, with its extention of 14 000 000 square kilometres, the fifth greatest continent of our planet. However, 98% of total Antarctide surface is covered by glaciers, which are 1,6 kms thick in diameter at least. Along all its circumference, the continent is washed out by South (Antarctic) Ocean.

Small Caucasus And Armenian Highland
Published: 19.1.2010
Small Caucasus and Armenian Highland present mountain systems of South-East Asia, situated in territories of Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaidyan, east Turkey and noth-west Iran. These mountain ranges are placed between Great Caucasus, Anatolya Mountains, Taurus and Iran Mountains.

Srbsko - Alkazar
Published: 3.10.2007
It is a former limestone quarry. Alkazar is one of greatest rocky formations in the whole area of Srbsko. You find it near to Berounka-river, orientated to the south, suitable for climbing all year round.

Hlubočepské plotny (Hlubočepské plates)
Published: 24.9.2007
At the end of Prokopské Valley you can meet several rocky formations created as a rest of former limestone quarries Near to inundated quarry, known as Prokop´s Lake there are to be seen two big rocky formations, known as Hlubočepské plotny (Hlubočepské plates). This area is very popular not only with tourists but also by mountaineers.

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