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Small Caucasus And Armenian Highland
Published: 19.1.2010
Small Caucasus and Armenian Highland present mountain systems of South-East Asia, situated in territories of Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaidyan, east Turkey and noth-west Iran. These mountain ranges are placed between Great Caucasus, Anatolya Mountains, Taurus and Iran Mountains.

Srbsko - Alkazar
Published: 3.10.2007
It is a former limestone quarry. Alkazar is one of greatest rocky formations in the whole area of Srbsko. You find it near to Berounka-river, orientated to the south, suitable for climbing all year round.

Hlubočepské plotny (Hlubočepské plates)
Published: 24.9.2007
At the end of Prokopské Valley you can meet several rocky formations created as a rest of former limestone quarries Near to inundated quarry, known as Prokop´s Lake there are to be seen two big rocky formations, known as Hlubočepské plotny (Hlubočepské plates). This area is very popular not only with tourists but also by mountaineers.

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