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Egypt:  Hurghada - a place for rest
heading (paragraph): Cities
No. of pictures: 15 pictures
Published: 7.6.2012
The most favorite tourist destintion in Egypt - Hurghada - lies in area of the Red Sea. It is oft...

CZ: Prague: The  Way to the Prague Castle
heading (paragraph): Cities
No. of pictures: 19 pictures
Published: 31.5.2012
Sights from a beautiful way leading to the Prague Castle. Photo: Maxim Kucer

Views of Sicilly
heading (paragraph): Places Of Interest
No. of pictures: 16 pictures
Published: 24.5.2012
Sicilly is the largest Mediterranean island. Her atmosphere is as aweesome as is the heat of her ...

Dunakiliti- picturesque island surrounded by water
heading (paragraph): Nature
No. of pictures: 18 pictures
Published: 17.5.2012
On the northern top of the small Žitný island is situated hungarian town Dunakiliti. The town is ...

Beautiful Sites of Egypt
heading (paragraph): Places Of Interest
No. of pictures: 29 pictures
Published: 10.5.2012
Egypt is a favorite site to spend your holiday. Recently tourists from the Czech Republic and Slo...

Turkey: Cappadocia - The Landscape Of Fairy Chimne
heading (paragraph): Places Of Interest
No. of pictures: 20 pictures
Published: 3.5.2012
Cappadocia, this unique place on Earth is located on the territory of Turkey, particularly in eas...

Italy: Pompeii
heading (paragraph): Sights
No. of pictures: 35 pictures
Published: 19.4.2012
Welcome to Pompeii, a city that was the pride of the Roman Empire and finished by natural disaste...

CZ: The Czech Forest - Home Not Only To Protected
heading (paragraph): Nature
No. of pictures: 30 pictures
Published: 12.4.2012
Beautiful Bohemian Forest is interesting in many ways. Not only, this corner of our state has the...

Norway: The Vigeland Park In Oslo
heading (paragraph): Cities
No. of pictures: 32 pictures
Published: 29.12.2011
Vigeland Park in Oslo is an exceptional exhibition space in the open air, in which statues of the...

SVK: Vychylovka - Museum Of Kysuca Village
heading (paragraph): Sights
No. of pictures: 24 pictures
Published: 22.12.2011
In the beautiful countryside surrounding the Protected Landscape Area lies Museum of Kysuca villa...

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