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CZ, Cesky Svycarsko: To the Gorges of Kamenice – VIDEO

Published: 3.7.2018
If you go on a trip to the Czech Switzerland National Park, you should definitely miss one of the most popular parts - the gorge of Kamenice River near Hrensko, where you can also enjoy riding on a boat and many great rock formations.

You can choose a shorter route between Hrensko and Mezni Mustek, where only riding on a boat through Edmund gorge is waiting for you. Or else you can continue with the Wild Gorge. From here you will reach either Vysoka Lipa or to the other side via Pravcicka Gate back to Hrensko.  Lípy or, on the other hand, via the Pravčická gate to Hřensko. You can handle the first route without problems even with small children, the second is even more challenging - especially if you choose a route through the Pravcicka gate.


All the Kamenice gorges between Hrensko and Dolsky Mill belong into the first zone of the national park. And there is a lot to protect! Even though Hrensko is the lowest point of our country, a unique microclimate is created in the gorges, which will help you to see other mountain species of plants and animals. Whether it's potato trout, water squirrel, or our largest fern egg. If you are lucky, you may see a kingfisher, and when you arrive in the autumn, you have the chance to see salmon. Kamenice is our first river where they return to the ocean after a long time.

gorges   gorges

You can look forward to a naive-funny interpretation on boats where you will learn not only about the history of the gorges and the nature, but also about the ruins of the surrounding sandstone rocks, and you will be surprised by the waterfall in Edmund's Gorge.

waterfall in Edmund's gorge

Edmund's gorge   boats in Edmund's gorge

When you go to Bohemian Switzerland, do not forget to visit the already mentioned Pravčická gate, stop at Jetřichovice at Maria's Lookout. We recommend to the daredevil in the wooden shed on the summit to stay overnight and set the alarm clock for an unforgettable sunrise. If you stay for more days, head to the neighboring Saxon Switzerland with the impressive sightseeing bridge Bastei above the Elbe canyon.

GPS: 50°52'12.1"N 14°16'30.5"E


Text, photos, and video: Matouš Vinš

Music: Dexter Britain

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