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CZ, Pribram – Walks in the City

Published: 31.8.2017
Pribram is situated at the edge of the Brdske uphills. This area is known for high mining activity in the past. Also, it is one of the most well-known sites of pilgrimage in the Czech Republic.

The first documented mention fo this town is from 1261. It belonged to Prague archbishops. Later they would open here first silver and lead mines. Archbishopric castle guarded all these mines. Today, it is situated right opposite to the main post office building in old town Pribram. Unfortunately, not much is left of its original Gothic style architecture for the building had been rebuilt several times. For a while it even was a school for miners-to-be. Ernestinum is the name of this tructure today. It honors Archbishop Arnost of Pardubice. It houses the Gallery of Frantisek Drtikol, the famous native of Pribram.

Ernestinum s původním gotickým arkýřem

Dum Natura is situated in the former office of Czech Post on T. G. Masaryk square. There is an exposition dedicated to CHKO Brdy nature park, the history of the former restricted military zone, and local nature. For instance, there is unique collection of hawk moths, and a collection of reptiles and amphibians.

ulice V Brance, v pozadí věže kostela sv. Jakuba

St Jacob church belongs to other interesting sights in the city. It is near Dum Natura. It is  Gothic-style in its core. Inside, there are precious Baroque equipments. The Jan Drda library passage features a mysterious Gothic relief. Its significance has not yet beenvstup do Svatohorských schodů z Dlouhé ulice explained. It has been said that it is a simply house sign. The square is really close to Prazska street. From here go down one of the side alleys (such as V Brance street) which would get you to Dlouha street. HEre is he gateway to Svatohorske staircase. You can climb these stairs up to a pilgrimage zone above the city. The staircase designed by K. I. Dienzenhofer is 400 meters long. 

Svatá Hora

Svata Hora used to be the greatest pilgrimage site in Austria–Hungary. Today, it has been showcased as the best example of early Baroque architecture in Bohemia. Pilgrimage tradition is still on. Svata Hora is one of the sites along Via Nova pilgrimage trail.

Svatá Hora

Church's vast compound features also a pilgrimage church surrounded by two entrance portals, ambits, four corner chapels, and chimes of Svata Hora. The pilgrimage church is situated on a 3 meter high terrace lined by a handrail with 62 statues, and vases with reliefs of Czech Madonnas. Architect Carlo Lurago designed this entire project.

Svatá Hora   Svatohorské náměstí

vstup do Svatohorských schodů na Svaté Hoře

If you intend to reach Svata Hora by not climbing Svatohorske stairs but rather set off from a parking lot (it is located by the road to Haje), this gets you to Svatohorskesvatohorská studánka square first. In the middle of the square, there is a Virgin Mary of Svata Hora statue. Behind you, ther would be a calvary and in front of you a pilgrimage site. To your left there would be pilgrims' stands. Moreover, there is a road running to another magical place – the well of Svata Hora. Unfortunately, the spring was dammaged by mining activities. Therefore, we can't find out its healing effects today.  

The Last WWII Battlefields

During favorable weather conditions you would get amazing vistas over the surrounding landscape. There are moulds of former uranium mines visible in the land in the direction to Milin.  Also, you can spot the church of St Peter and Paul on Slivice. The reason why this place is interesting is because there was the last WWII battle in Bohemia. Every other year a group of WWII enthusiasts reenact the battle here.

naučná stezka vedoucí lesoparkem Padák

Relax and Rest

The town also features places great for rest and relax. Padak hill with a ski resort and a forest park is such a place. A nature trail goes through the park. Novy Rybnik compound also offers enough recreation and sporting activities.

GPS: 49°41'05.1"N 14°01'01.8"E


Text: Eliška Gregorová

Photos: Eliška Gregorová, Wikimedia Commons: Jirka Jiroušek, SchiDD

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