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CZ, Svojkov – Tips for Trips in the Surroundings

Published: 2.8.2018
Svojkov is a small village in the district of Ceska Kupa, on the route between Novy Bor and Zakupy. In the countryside in the north of the village there are two peaks - Tisovy Peak (540 m above sea level) and Slavicek (535 m above sea level). On the north there are the Svojkovske snadstone rocks through which run two tourist trails, red and green.

If you are going from the village of Sloup in Bohemia, on your right side there is a free of charge parking lot waiting on your way to Svojkov. It is an ideal starting point for the most important tourist spot in the area - Modlivy Mine. From the parking lot, head south-east, where, after a few meters, there is a timbered Kiosek near the Modlivy Mine, where the path to the forest begins along the red and green tourist signs. It will take you to the wooded rocks of sandstone rocks, where for years pilgrims have been looking for peace to pray. It is an interesting place in the spiritual history of this area. The valley was originally named Smolny Mine in honor of coal miners who burned charcoal there for they had there tar furnaces and pitch works. Many stories are associated with the site. One of them tells of the dead body of a dead young man. In 1750, the first picture of Our Lady was suspended on the tree.

Virgin Mary of Lurdy rocky chapel

Later they built a wooden chapel deep in the woods. Already since 1772 she has been going to the Modlivy Mine by a procession. People prayed for averting famine and cholera epidemics. In 1836, the wooden chapel was replaced with a natural chapel, sculptured by the sculptor Antonin Wagner in the rock. It is decorated with Gothic arches. The altar is now decorated with a statue of the Virgin Mary consecrated in 2001. There are several benches in front of the chapel so you can sit and contemplate. Since 1996, every year on May 1, there is a Mass that opens the Martian Moon. The rock chapel is a protected as a sight of cultural significance of the Czech Republic.

pramen U Strážce   křížová cesta Modlivý důl

Previously, there was a crossroad, along which there were many sacred images. In the second half of the 20th century, it was relocated to nearby Chapel of St Weceslas in Svojkov. Today's crusade that leads the chapel to a tourist is a copy of the original paintings that were planted along the path in 2016. The Way of the Cross route is also lined with benches and there is the U Strazace spring.

Poustevna cave

The journey continues along the tourist path up north-east along the Hlidkova Cave. If you follow the trail, you will reach the saddle below the Slavicek Mountain, where the touristic routes divide. A little bit behind Hlidkova Cave, however, is a right turn to an adventurous path that will return you back to the beginning of the Crusade after about 35 minutes of walking. It runs through the observation point of the Tisový vrch, which is marked with a descriptive chart, but the place is quite overgrown. The journey continues through the ferns along a small cave with a door and a window - Poustevna cave. Make sure to go on a very nice blind trail along the tall rocks, which offers beautiful views of the surrounding rocks, the village of Svojkov and its surroundings.

jedna ze třech skalních vyhlídek na obec Svojkov   vyhlídka Dědovy kameny

If you look at the other side by Kiosk at Modlivy Dul when standing on the parking lot, you will see a fenced Svojkovska garden. Here you may enter at your own risk. Inside there is a ruin of Svojkov castle, built probably at the beginning of the 14th century. The rock structure was used to build the castle, some of which were carved directly into the rock. The castle was built on three floors, where the stairs led through the outer walls. In the dense forest below the ruins you will find two natural chapels. The garden is also a good place to relax.

rocky chapel under Svojkov castle ruin   Svojkov castle ruin

If you like walks in nature than Svojkov and its surroundings is the best place to go. 

GPS: 50°43'37.0"N 14°36'09.2"E


Text and photos: Martina Kefurtová

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