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Great Britain, London – Trafalgar Square

Published: 4.7.2014
Last week we have seen one of the most famous district of London, Soho. Once it was a red light district. Today, however, we move on.

TrafalgarEach of you have heard the name Nelson. I do not think that Nelson from the famous TV series The Simpsons, but Admiral Nelson, one of the most famous sailors in British history. Probably you in connection with his name recall battle against the French fleet at Trafalgar in 1805, he won the Admiral, but was mortally wounded. Nevertheless became famous in other naval battles as Abukir, where he again fought against the French.

Where in London could find memories of the famous general? One of the most important jobs is certainly Trafalgar Square. You can get it very easily by bus, in essence, that there buses abound. If you take the subway, your output station should be Charing Cross or Embankment Station. Unfortunately Trafalgar at first glance looks more like a big roundabout than a flashy imperial square. But do not get fooled.

The first thing you will notice the square is a monumental column with a statue of Admiral Nelson. However, it is somewhat awkward to get into a position so you can really see the column. Whether it's the constant running around or constant swarm of tourists. Anyway, if you look at the bottom of the column, you wilTrafalgarl see a metal relief. It was created from pieces of metal that was captured after his victorious battles. The actual relief then depicts Nelson's famous naval battles. The whole composition of the monument, as you can see today, along with the four lions around, was completed in 1867.

TrafalgarTrafalgar Square is therefore mainly a reminder of the glorious era of the British Navy, which was for centuries one of the most powerful in the world. In the northern part of the square so you can see the busts of other famous admirals were as Jellicoe, Beatty and Cunningham.

If you want to really enjoy Trafalgar, it would be for the best if you avoid foggy or rainy days, the square looks more depressed than you shone its imperial grandeur. The best way is to visit here during a nice sunny day. Try to get to the square of Pall Mall. Supposedly you so arises one of the most beautifulTrafalgar views of London. On the left side you will have a wonderful building of the National Gallery, and on the right you will see in the distance a monument to Nelson. Sometime in the forefront of one of the two fountains Square.

One of the most beautiful time when Trafalgar really worth seeing during the Christmas season, when there is more radiant Christmas tree. This makes Norway the UK every year since the end of World War II.

To be continued.


Text: Maxim Kucer

 Photo: Wikipedia.org

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