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Kenya – Amazing Country of Zebras, Volcanoes, and Great People – VIDEO

Published: 5.3.2019
I flew to Africa for the first time. I did not expect anything from it. So Kenya could only surprise me. This choice was basically a coincidence. Within a month, I fell in love with her. I got a lot of new friends, experienced the beauty of wildlife, enjoyed the real adventure on a motorbike and strolled up to 5000 meters for an unforgettable sunrise. At least part of the experiences will share with you in the new series.

Kenya is located on the east coast of Africa and roughly through its center passes the equator. A large part of the country, including the capital of Nairobi, lies at an altitude of about two thousand meters, and in some parts of the year there is a very cold weather. I set out in a warm and dry season at the turn of January and February, which was the ideal choice for motorbike trips. Moreover, I have visited several tea plantations and factories and our winter is one of the best harvesting periods.

modern downtown, Nairobi

On the other hand, I lost the opportunity to see more animals in national parks. I can not complain, but in the parks like Hell's Gate, Naiwasha or Nairobi National Park, there is plenty to see in winter. Hippos, zebras, giraffes, plenty of antelope and majestic buffalo.

national park around Lake Naiwasha   wild animals are common outside natioanl parks as well

And how is he traveling around Kenya? First of all, I was very surprised that almost everyone knows good English. Nice change compared to Southeast Asia. I could finally make friends with anyone and learn more about the lives of local people. The vast majority of people were incredibly friendly and willing to help. Which, in a few unpleasant situations with a motorbike, was really good.

Mount Longonot volcano

Whether close to national parks and other tourist destinations, I was surprisingly easy to find nice hotels at prices up to $ 30/night with breakfast. Of course, it took a bit of bargaining, but it was not difficult outside the high season.

flamengoes on Lake Bogoria   buffaloes in Hell's Gate national park

But most of all, I was thrilled to learn how incredibly colorful experiences you get in a relatively small area. Every few dozen kilometers, landscape in Kenya will turn out to be unrecognizable and you will see everything from semi-deserts and fairy-taley beaches across vast savannas, pastures and forests to volcanic plains and glaciers on Africa's second highest Mount Mount Kenya. In addition, over 40 different tribes with varied cultures, languages and history live in the country.

on the road from Mt Kenya

If you are tempted to taste a real adventure, throw away your prejudices and go to Africa! I'll come back to her as soon as possible.

GPS: Nairobi 1°17'25.7"S 36°49'20.2"E


Text, photos, and video: Matouš Vinš

Music: grapes

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