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Kenya: Mount Longonot – Perfect Tretrek na sopku i trocha safari nedaleko Nairobi – VIDEO

Published: 12.3.2019
The first place I headed from the capital was Mount Longonot National Park. The 2 780-meter high volcano with an almost perfect crater offers a wonderful trek and the opportunity to see close enough wild animals. I set off right after sunrise and I did not regret it.

The National Park can be found about 60 km from the capital of Nairobi and you will arrive in here on a nice asphalt road. Along the way, take a stroll along the beautiful view, from which you may see the Great Ditch for the first time. Just over a day, count on heavy traffic.

You pay $ 26 per person per day for the entrance to the park, making it the cheapest in all of Kenya. At the gate you will definitely offer a guide service, but if you do not plan on the bottom of the crater, you can go without it without it. There is no way to lose the way up or down the perimeter of the volcano. Do not forget to take enough water.

cesta k vrcholu sopky

Immediately beyond the park gate, several antelopes welcomed me a few yards from the road, in the distance, the baboons and the zebras strolled. The first kilometer was a pleasant walk in the zoo, only without fences and barriers. However, as the journey starts at an altitude of 2 150 meters and is only three kilometers to the crater, it has begun to rise very rapidly.

cesta po okraji kráteru

I did not have a problem with climbing up the mountains ever, but here I got a good mood. Actually maybe more than a couple of weeks later on a much higher Mount Kenya. The combination of elevation, altitude, and sharp sunshine made its own. In the last phase without a shadow, I was really grateful that I had come up and started up first.

lišejníky prozrazují vysokou nadmořskou výšku a čistý vzduch   impaly na úpatí hory

Even the next trip along the edge of the crater was taking time. Erosion sometimes created a hurdle from the trail, with the highest peak remaining more than two hundred meters high. And the sun was already really tropical at that time. The rewards, however, were magnificent, whether on the wooded crater floor or the surrounding mountains and Lake Naivasha.

výhled z vrcholu, v pozadí jezero Naivasha

západ slunce nad sopkou stojí za to   výstup na sopku

The whole trek can be reached without a problem in half a day. Because you are very likely to go anywhere, I suggest you take the time to stop here. Whether you are heading to Naivasha Lake, Nakuru, Eldoret, Lake Victoria or Mount Elgon, and even a little detour to the famous Massai Mara Park. In Africa, there is not much to hurry.

GPS: 0°54'54.0"S 36°26'50.4"E


Text, photos, and video: Matouš Vinš

Music: Ketsa

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