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SK: Western Tatras – Up to the Summit of Ostry Rohac

Published: 6.8.2017
The Western Tatras is very popular and frequented mountain range. Treks here, the main ridge especially, are amazing and people who go there long remember it. Ostry Rohac is perhaps the most attractive and most well known peak in this area. Many tourists hike across it every year.

Western Tatras – Enchanting Mountain Range

There are many oportunities to enjoy the Western Tatras. A visitor can choose from many marked tourist trails of various difficulty. Easy trails usually go in valley – for instance through Ziarska valley to Ziarska cabin or across Rohace valley to the  Rohace lakes. True mountaineers would surely appreciate longer and more difficult treks, treks which could easily take you a day to complete their individual sections and which go across exposed peaks of the Western Tatra's main ridge.  Even thou the Western Tatras are much lower mountain range compared to the High Tatras. However, one should not underestimate difficulty of treks here, even though summits are less exposed and more covered with grass. Relatively easy to access main ridge is very attractive for tourists. There is a marked tourist trail which starts off on Babky summit, stretches across the Rohace to the Polish border. Then the trail runs east to Pysne lake. Rohace, a quiant and fascinating nook of the Western Tatras, is also very frequented. It charms every tourist.

výhled z Ostrého Roháče na Jamnická plesa 

Across Rohace Valley

The best way to start your climb up the summit of Ostry Rohac is in Rohace valley; either at Sindlovec cabin. There is parking lot where you can leave your car and go on a day-long trek in Pod Spalenou locality.

pohled na hřeben Roháčů ze sedla Zábrať 

We join the red tourist trail, follow asphalt road which crosses long Rohace valley and goes mildly uphill. The trail edn at Tatliakova cabin. We turn to the green trail going uphill. The road goes across forest. Soon we encounter dwarf mountain pines. Eventualy we reach Zabrat saddle. The vista over the Rohace ridge is amazing. We could easily recognize its individual peak. By followin the yellow tourist trail we are headed to Rakona (1 876 m) on the Polish border. Even this peak offers amazing vistas over surrounding peaks of the Rohace, Rohace valley, and projection of the Tatras in Poland. We join the blue tourist trail and climb up to Volovec (2 063 m). The summit is an amazing outlook. You can see Rohace valley, the peaks of the Rohace, Rohace lakes, and the entire western section of the Western Tatras.

polská část západních Tater

On Ostry Rohac's Exposed Ridge

Upon short rest we continue hiking along the red tourist trail to Ostry Rohac. The mountain is situated just before us. We feel awe when seeing its steep rocky slopes. Slowly we descend to Jamnicke saddle upon which we go uphill again. The trail ascends steeply. Soon we find ourselves on steep rocky terrain. To go further on we need to use our hands. Sort of easy climbing. There are even more difficult sections wehre we need to use chains attached to Ostry Rohac. Crossing these sections is adrenaline experience. Your walk must be firm and you should be resistant to vertigo. Upon strenous climb we eventually find ourselves on the peak of Ostry Rohac (2 088 m). The vista from the top over the vast mountainous landscape of the Western Tatras leave us with deep impressions. Mountains in our vicinity also caught our attention – Placliva (2 125 m), Volovec (2 063 m) which is covered with grass, majestic Baranec (2 184 m) or the peak down to impressive Smutna valley.

pohled z Ostrého Roháče na Volovec (2 063 m. n. m.)   vrchy Ostrý Roháč a Plačlivé

Ostry Rohac is a symbol of the Rohace region. It is a beautiful mountain. Its sharp shape earned it the nickname of "Slovakian Matterhorn". The climb is strenous, true. You need to be physically fit. However, it's worth effort because you will long remember this experience in harsh yet amazing nature of the Western Tatras.

Ostrý Roháč (2 088 m n. m.)

GPS: 49°11'59.7"N 19°45'15.2"E

Text and photos: Radoslav Biskupič

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