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USA, Miami – A Big City on the Shores of Florida

Published: 15.1.2018
Miami is a big city with all what comes with it – a vast airport, traffic jam on its multiplelane highways, skyscrapers, city parks, coeastline with beautiful beaches, museums, restaurants, etc.

Before I visited Miami, I had imagined only a long snad beach crowded with surfers. Water makes a creek of beach sand. Therefore, the shallow water area suddenly gets deeper. Lifeguards inside colorful sheds standing on posts, a sight we know from so many movies. Waves are not constantl in favor of surfing in different seasons of the year. Therefore, don't expect to see surfers all year long. It is mostly beautiful here. In winter it is great here to do tourism. In summer, people just relax. However, keep in mind that weather is hard to predict. Even though, it is around 20 degrees Celsius in winter, a snow storm may hit the area. There is a trail which is paved out along some sections and made of wood in others. It is for walkers, bikers, runners, and skate board riders. Gardens featuring pools, and hotel restaurants add to the overall atmopshere.


If you want to take a swim and have skyscrapers in your vista, go south to Virginia Key island. There is a long sandy beach right behind the bridge and Hobie Island Beach Park. The water is somewhat dirtier than the one at Miami Beach. On the other hand, it is great to relax there as there are many palm trees and in their shade you may relax. Much better than to be under the sun. Even better scenic point is situated opposite to the beach. There is also a large car park. Above the car park, there is a huge grey building all covered in graffiti. We passed a lady in a small booth and parked our car very close to the super clean coast. Our temptation to take a swim was on the rise. However, the lady had followed us and forbid us from swimming. Anyway, the vista over the city is worth the ride. And this is probably the only thing you can do there (it is also prohibited to take pictures of the structure, therefore I rather not put it in the article). Formerly, the structure was a stand for water sports. However, a hurricane damaged it badly in 1992. Ever since, the structure has been in decay without any funds to reconstruct it and revive water sports.

pláž Miami Beach   pohled na Miami

ulice Collin Street   hotely v Miami

Na ostrově se nachází i stejnojmenný park Virginia Key Beach Park is situated on the island. It costs 5 USD to enter per car. This park is a beautiful place to spend a family afternoon at. You may find many spots featuring grills where you may do some picnic, there are playgrounds etc. Toliets, and showers are not maintained. When I visited the park, the water there was very dirty for two storms passed two day ago. Perheps you will get lucky and experience better weather. By making a turn to the righ you may enter Miami Seaquarium, the university compound, or take a swim on Darwin Beach.

Virginia Key Beach Park   Virginia Key Beach Park

chatky k pronajmutí ve Virginia Key Beach Park

Beaches are not the main attraction of Miami. As for culture, the city is also vibrant and interesting. You may visit many theaters, museums, theaters, landmarks, and memorials. Here you may also buy some clothes or have a crazy fun night at local clubs. Animals are popular as well – swimming with the dolphines, water aquariums, crocodile farms, a zoo, monkey jungle, and more. We set out to Everglades national park to see some crocodiles. 

GPS: 25°48'34.9"N 80°07'18.7"W


Text: Martina Brožková

Photos: Martina Brožková, Wikimedia Commons: Miamiboyz, UpstateNYer

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