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basic information

Population: 3,5 millions (estimated)

GNP growth: + 6% (2004)

Official language: Albanese

The Republic of Albania is, according to the Constitution of 1998, a Parliamentary Republic. President is a Head of State, he has to use the mandate of his office for five years.

According to the statistics, Albania is mostly a Moslem state. The Albanese from their mother-country are, on the contrary from Albanese of Kosovo and Albanese from Macedonia, very tolerant, as far as religion questions are concerned. One of typical manifestations of religion tolerance, there is tradition of celebrations of all church festivities, irrespective of confession, common cemeteries or marriage of persons with different confession. This fact is in Kosovo or Macedonia absolutely unthinkable.


Albania took part in active way against terrorism, although, in contradistinction to corruption and organised crime, this is not actual for the time being.

As a consequence of heavy historical heritage, Albania still fights against political, institutional and economic crisis.

After 1990, more than 40% of population emigrated abroad. However, the inclination for emigration predominates, especially in case of young generation.


The Republic of Albania  is located in south-east Europe on Balkan Peninsula. On northeast, it neighbours with Serbian autonomous area of Kosovo, on east with Macedonia, in south with Greece, and finally, on west the country is washed with Adriatic Sea.

The terrain in Albania is rough, the climate is continental, with cold winter and hot summer.


Most of surface is montaneous, more than one third of the country is covered with forests. The highest  mountain-range is placed on frontier with Macedonia (Mali Sharit), the highest peak is those of Korab (764 metres above sea level). Many rivers flow through the country, however, most of them are not navigable. In Albania, you find 24 national reservations.

Health care:

In general, health care is on lower level as in Czech Republic. The situation is characteristic with a fact that many medicines and hospital equipments are missing.

The doctors have, however, unsufficient expert knowledge.

There is no agreement regarding free of charge medical care between Czech Republic and Albania. So, it is highly recommandable to arrange in advance health insurance in Czech Republic.


The quality of transport nest is on very low level. Railway transport is very old-fashioned and it is not joined to international railway nest.

As far as road nest is concerned, only the roads connecting great cities with tourist resorts are of good quality. There are many foreign investors in the country, who would like to take part in the reconstruction of traffic nest of Albania (including international airport).




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