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Owing to actual safety situation, the individual travelling, is absolutely not recommended especially in north parts of Algiers. Tourist journeys into Sahara-desert areas are not recommended as well. On the other hand, the individual trips into capital and other great cities (business trips) are safe, provided that traveller does not leave town´s borders, stays in recommended hotels and travels by air.

Before your trip, you are emphatically recommended to inform about safety situation in area of planned journey, and immediately after your arrival to inform personally or by phone Embassy of Czech Republic in Algiers, regarding your planned travelling route.

On internet address of Czech Embassy in Algiers - www.mzv.cz/algiers, there is established special chapter „Safety on journeys“, where could be found further concrete recommandations for your trips and stay in Algiers.

No vaccination is obligatory. Nevertheless, vaccination against hepatitis (type A and B) and against typhoid are recommandable, especially in that case, when longer stay, in areas outside big cities, is presumed - consultation with doctor is recommandable.

Do not take, in any case, photos of military objects and persons in uniforms. There are no road taxes (charges), nest of car-services is great, but service-quality is low. Nest of petrol stations is good, possible problems could occur with lead-free petrol only.

Shops-nest and services, presented in hotels of higher and middle categories, are on good level. Camping places in a sense known in Europe, do not exist at all. Attention, free camping is very dangerous.

There is strictly forbidden to collect any subjects in Algiers-desert. We speak about pre-historical human products, but even fossils of all kind. The officials in Algiers stepped to very careful checking of passangers and their luggage in recent time period, especially in case of departures from so called „desert towns“. When objects of such character could be found, they are confiscated immediately. In case of finding of bigger quantities of such subjects, further recourses could follow, including  legal penalty recourse.





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