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Austria: St. Anton - Arlberg

Published: 30.1.2008
St.Anton ski resort is a Mecca of skiiers of the whole world. It is situated in the western part of Austria in Lachtal Alps, in region of Valluga massif, placed in Federal Regions of Tirol and Vorarlberg. This part of Alps, round of peak of Parseierspitze (3036 m) is, in comparison with the rest of this range, less influenced by human activity.

You do not find here gigantic winter resorts with big number of descent routes, nor luxurious hotels. The area of St.Anton is an exception in this respect, especially what slope number  and modern nest of wire-ropes funicolars are concerned. Lechtal Alps excell with its deep valleys and sharp formed peaks, mostly overgrown with grass to remarkable height. This fact caused its minimal agricultural use, with this differs from the rest of Austrian regions.

This part of Alps is divided from north placed neighbouring Allgau-Alps with 50 kms long Lechtal-Valley. In its south part the Inn-river forms its natural border. From the geological point of view, this area is formed with mostly dolomitical bottom. This fact causes its typical natural rocky formations, as there are steep abysses and passes. Maybee, from this reason, this area seems not to be so suitable for commercial activities up to now.

Winter resort  Sankt Anton am Arlberg seems to be unique place as it offers the greatest snow covering of whole Alps-ranges, this is an essential fact of several last years. Anyway, St. Anton  got its fame thanks to Skiing World Championship in 2001, and this has for skiiers a decisive importance. This resort is well-known more as a place where arrive the confessors of luxury accommodation and services of higher price-categories, similar, as it is in neighbouring luxury area of Lech-Zurs.

Anyway, standard sportsman has the chance to be accommodated in classical pension or hired flat or house. Provided you prefer calm (quiet) accommodation, and do not need excited entertainments, would you look for the suitable accommodation out of city-centre and its noisy  walking-zone (centres of night life). In city-centre, you find park with a lake, children play-ground and  zones of calm, created by removal of local railway station out of community centre.

The whole area, consisting of centres of St.Christoph and Stube, are proud of extraordinary snow conditions, long descent routes, possibilities of „safari skiing“ (it is a visit of more centres within a scope of one skipass), with well equipped snowboarding park Rendl Fly-In Park, relativ rare offer of heliskiing (it is use of helicoptere instead of ski-towage in Mehlsack and Orgelscharte), extend areas for freeride in powdery snow, excellent apres-ski (these are non-skiiers activities on snow and ice) in St.Anton as well as a relax in less visited but more luxury resort of St. Christoph, The area is interesting for its long descents in deep snow covering, frankly speaking, it belongs to best resorts in Alps at all. The increasing requests of guests of this area and skiing sport in general, it succeeds to fullfill in all aspects.


Valluga slopes (greatest in the area) as well as Schindlerkar and Mattun, are well-known and bear the marking of best fame among ski-experts, The area suits, with its relief and descent-incline, especially experienced and trained skiiers, who are able to use the offer of Black decsent routes (they are, in comparison to the other resorts many available). They are represented as follows: 30%-30%-30%. So, it is suitable for  everybody: for beginners, occasional skiiers as well as experienced skiers.The resort centre forms a peak of Galzig which is a  land-mark in skiiers quality choice. St.Anton offers more as 30 most modern wire-rope funicolars and towages, but from higher placed stations. Here, it leads a central funicolar, distant only few minutes from city-centre. However, in the morning you have to stay in queues. Anyway, later you do not meet the queues of people any more. The increasing inquiry as well as the attractivity of this resort brings always increasing number of sportsmen arriving to the resort so there is a danger that this place would be overcrowded in the future. If it happens so, it would be really bad luck! Let´s trust that everything remains in such stage as till now.

After „heavy day“ you will be hungry, of course, but first, when you value your sport results, you would not underestimate your decision when and where to go to take your meals.You would prefer to go downtown not to stay in so called „folklore chalets“ on slopes. We recommend you, from this reason, to have a stop in Verwallstube, near Galzig Hill.

It is a nice restaurant with a terrace, the meals are really excellent (just valued with two „kitchen caps“ of Gault Millau, which guarantees first-class quality). Provided you would like to taste fresh lobsters or Champagne of top quality, you are welcome. However, the offer of meals is a bit of higher financial level. Anyway, if you prefer the meals in traditional Alps-style, would you visit a restaurant Hospiz-Alm in St. Christoph (this restaurant has got also gourmet valuation).

In city centre you find a lot of restaurants and night clubs. Chalet Mooserwirt is very popular place, valued with its anti-public advertisement  as „the worst ski-chalet  in Arlberg“. As a special offer is presented - disco dance in ski-boots. Provided you prefer the meals of Asian or Italian kitchen, would you visit Benvenuto restaurant.  The other place of interest  is a kitchen in a pub of Brunnenhof, situated in interiers of 320 years old building. The offer of meals is extremely wide amd its quality is fantastic!

Provided you prefer an active relax, you can visit a toboggan line with many curves from Gampen to Nasserein. This route is lightened in the evening twice a week. The ski-runners have their paradies in difficult terrain in Verwalltal Valley. For lovers of ice-sports-i.e. skating and curling – there are available ice-surface in health area, established in a building of former World Ski-Championship Press-centre held in 2001. Wellness-relax is available in open and covered bath, solaria, Finnish and Kelo-sauna, stream bath, whirlpool, waterfall etc. Would you look for you relax as well as sports activities in Arlberg-wel.com. As to hairdresser: would you use the services of Beauty Farm at Old post-office.

Well, in St.Anton area you relax, make sports activities according to your wish!

Information survey:

131 kms of descent routes (32%-39%-29%).

Wire-rope funicolares.

cabin:                  5

seats:                17

anchored:         17

training:              8

altitude: 1304-2811 m of sea level.

season: since 25th November till 1st May


from Prague 469 kms, from Brno 676 kms.

Orientative prices for season 2007-2008:

stay for 6 days :  adults  EUR  189,-  children EUR 113,-.

stay for 1 day  :  adults   EUR    40,-  children EUR   24,-.

Skipass - Arlberg

More information about skiresort and snow conditions:



Text: Jan Chaloupka


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