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Zermatt - skiing on Matterhorn shade

Published: 27.3.2008
Swiss village and winter sport resort named Zermatt is situated in massif of Wallis Alps. This resort became a legend, especially thanks to its position nearby imposing mountain of Matterhorn.This is a main temptation of local slopes. Ski Paradise Resort is visited by lovers of winter sports each year, imposing more than 35 peaks exceeding 4000 m.

Zermatt is known in connection with its European priority, secured with glacier with most highest situated and - at the same time-most extended placed ski area of Europe. Anyway, its enumeration of priorities is not finished. Luxury view to symbol of Switzerland, modern technology of snowing and especially the „position address“ of Zermatt costs something, of course. Swiss people take this fact into account. The prices for services as well as for permanent tickets are most expensive of whole Alps resorts.

Anyway, as a reward, there is available a rich offer of entertainment, presented by this ski area. The skiing is  possible to be operated all year round, thanks to glacier presence. The exceptionality of Zermatt confirms a fact that local car traffic is not allowed absolutely. Very hot summer days during last saisons were not influenced by quality of snow here. It is true that snow covering  became thinner to its historical minimum on other places. However, snow decrease of glacier base starts to threaten Zermatt´s centre, too. This fact let the operators in autumn 2007 to take the measures in getting financial investsments to snow technics, able to produce snow at temperatures above freezing point, in order to secure the drive down to the valley on lower placed glacier lines.

Most of descent lines are of easy or hard difficult stage. On Theodulgletscher, there is a wide easy descent lines available. In spite of this fact, Zermatt is designed to experienced skiers, their abilities are proved with descent routes with many knolls, with dominating Bump Runs slope, leading from Stockhorn to Gant, offering exceed of 1200 m, this is an unique point on Alp-glacier. Anyway, experienced skiers will be satisfied with routes on slopes near to Schwarzsee lake. So, this wide offer is added with freeride slopes with deep snow, being available more and more. Till the end of April, there are open more than 300 kms of descent routes, situated not only in Zermatt area, but also in neighbouring resort of Cervinia in Italy, the other glacier centre, completely connected with nest of funicolars and ski-towages. The system of cabin and suspension rope-railways reach the peak of Klein Matterhorn (3889 m), offering nice view to Matterhorn „tooth“. It is, at the same time, starting point to some moderate and long slopes. Carving routes are serviced by several ski-towages, and an express seat rope way Furggsatell is available in lower points, supplying sportsmen to very popular „red“ descent route. On Kleine Matterhorn, there is an idea to construct new luxury hotel, levelling with its height the mountain measure of elevation to 4000 m! For ski-runners, there is available nest of 9 kilometres well arranged routes. Provided you wish to try curling, you have the possibility to try it on twelve lines, stipulated for this Olympic sport.

To impressive experience belongs the drive with Matterhorn Express, transferring more than two thousands of skiers and tourists to Schwarzsee lake each hour. In next saison, new telemix (combination of cabin and seat rope railway) from Sunnegg to Blauherd would be available. After skiing, you can visit any of more of fifty local restaurants. You will be satisfied her, for sure, as restaurant service is on highest level in this romantic area, as everywhere in Switzerland.  Provided you visit famous points such as Aroleidwald, Paradies or magnificent Le Mazot, you will not be disappointed, but you have to take into account higher price level of these gastro-stops.

In case you would like to visit this resort, would you take advantage of attractive offer of neighbouring place of Cervinia in Italy, which is much more favourable, from price-level point of view. In general, it is valid that it is more advantageous to be seen in Zermatt at least as to do sport here.


313 kms of descent routes

69 kms 188 kms  56 kms

Altitude: 1620 – 3889 m of sea level

Saison: all year round, main peaks: from November to May


from Prague 1030 kms, from Brno 1135 kms

via Munich and Bern to Tasche, from here by train only, 10 kms approx.

Informative prices of skipasses:

Adults: 1 day/ 6 days: CHF 60,-/225,-

Children: 1 day/ 6 days: CHF 32,-/139,-

More information on web-site: www.zermatt.ch

Snow service : www.svycarsko.info


text: Jan Chaloupka

foto: Wikipedia Commons: SteGrifo27, Ttrainer, R.Biner-Hauser, A.Bossi



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