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Despite the fact that many years standing civil war in Angola finished in 2002, you have to judge carefull your eventual trip to Angola.. So, as main danger, there are high share of criminality, bad nest of roads and existence of areas., full of mines. On the other hand, there is no danger of terrorists´ attacks any more. By the way, these attacks were not noticed in this country.

The criminality is most spreaded in capital Luanda. Here, you can meet armed attacks of persons and vehicles. So, you need to be unceasingly on alert. We recommend you, not to go out after dusk, not to travel with the car outside the capital in the night or to the environs of Luanda.

Provided you wish to travel in the countryside, on business or to work, you would take advantage of services of  organisation, such as travel agency, able to offer basic logistic and safety.

However,  the transfer as well as accommodation possibilities outside Luanda are very limited and expensive. So, air transfer , withing inland scope, serves as main way of transport.

However, the quality level and plane-maintenance of local airplane companies is unsuccessfull. ( the employees of United Nations are recommended to use the services of Sonair or Air Gemini companies).

The Portuguese language is official as well as dominant. Except international hotels, you can exceptionally communicate in French or in English.

At present, local currency helds its stabil exchange rate . Nevertheless, it is standard way to effect the payment in USD.

Contact plugs are European, electric tension is 220 V.

None of Czech phone operators has the roaming there, you are forced to buy local SIM card or to use fixed phone lines. However, hotel prices are always extremely high.

As far as photo making is concerned, in general, it is possible to do (with the exception of delicated objects, such as Government buildings, police stations, army members, etc.).

However, you have always to calculate with negative reactions of local inhabitants, and also often of police.






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