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Australia does not belong to the countries with high stage of criminality. On the other hand, it is necessary that the tourists would draw their attention to their personal documents as well as valuable objects and, on principle, do not leave it inside the car or unattended. When staying in big cities, the passengers are recommended, to avoid risky quarters, especially during night hours (Redfern or Kings Cross in Sydney).

Nevertheless, non-organized tourist activities in remote areas could lead to possible health risk, or to the death, as a consequence of hunger and thirst. So, it is absolutely necessary to take with, in such cases, sufficient stocks of fuels, water and foodstuffs.

When travelling to free nature, there could be also a danger of poisonous snake-bite or spiders. Moreover, in tropical waters, the attacks of crocodile is threatening. In Australia, there are repeating also the cases of shark´s attack, during bathing or surfing in the sea. Great danger could come also from mortally poisonous jelly-fish. These animals are appearing mostly inside warm tropical waters of North Queensland. They could appear all year round, but to most dangerous time period belongs those since October up to April. When bathing in unknown waters, you are recommended to consult, at first, such possible danger, with local inhabitants or to use protective bathing dress, which could be bought in shops with sporting articles. When bathing or surfing in the sea, you are recommended to draw your attention to the appearance of dangeropus streams, whci could carry away the swimmer far from the coast.


Important Phone Numbers:

First aid, Police or Firemen are coneccted on phone number 000, (the call is free of charge).

The information regarding phone numbers could be obtained on phone number: 1223




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