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Safety situation


Before you start your journey by car, we recommend you to conclude crash security insurance. As far as the entry permission of house animals is concerned, you need international vaccination certificate against hydrophobia and chip (pin) or tattoos (or veterinary confirmation, declaring - in foreign language - that the animal undergone all necessary vaccinations). In some towns, parking zones are introduced. Parking tickets could be bought in newspaper shops. High penalties are granted for bad parking, or so called „shoes“on wheels are fitted, or the vehicle could be, for high penalty, even removed.

Unit price of highway vignettes for passenger vehicles are as follows: 

validity for one year: EUR 72,60

validity for two months: EUR 21,80

validity for ten days: EUR 7,60

Highway vignette is obliged also for traffic on roads of 1st class category. According to new version of Austrian Law, regarding traffic rules, the drivers of passenger vehicles are obliged to go with switched lights (lamps) during all the day. The highest permitted speed (provided there is not valid another sign, stating different limitations in such place) is valid, for car-drivers and all types of vehicles and motorcycles, the following limits:

on highways: 130 kms/h

on state roads: 100 kms/ h - (In Tirol and Vorarlberg 80 kms/h)

in communities: 50 kms/h

Provided allowed speed would be exceeded, the drivers are granted with penalties, or respective driving licence could be removed. All vehicles are obliged to be marked with registration numbers, equipped with warning triangle and small pharmacy box, and the motocyclist have to dress a helmet. Provided the driver of motor vehicle would use a highway, the car has to be outfitted with reflexive-waistcoat (it is necessary for a case when the driver would be forced to leave the car, as a consequence of engine failure or an accident occured outside parking place).

These reflexive waistcoats could be bought in Czech Republic or in Austria in most of petrol stations, or in auto-outfit-shops. Provided this duty is not kept, a penalty follows. The obligation of reflexive waistcoat is not valid for drivers of small bicycles. The duty to be bound with safety belts is valid also for pillion-rider. According to Austrian Law regarding motor vehicles traffic (paragraph 106, section 5), the children up to 14 years of age, if they are not higher than 150 cm and able to use the seat at the same time, to be place in kinder-seat. In any case the child has to be bound with safety belts, sitting on back seat.

Nevertheless, children up to 14 years of age, are not allowed to sit in front seat. Alcohol contents in blood has to be 0,5‰ as maximum. The exceeding is punished by removal of driving licence or very high penalty and prohibition to drive motor vehicles in the territory of Austria. When serious damages or injuries occure, created in connection with traffic accident, a police must be called for. In case of traffic accidents, where smaller material damages are caused, and in case when both participants are present, no doubt  regarding their identity could exist, and an agreement was reached, it is not necessary to ask police for their assistance. The participants of the accident change their personal data, data regarding insurance policy and the insurance companies continue to solve the matter afterthat. If, in such cases, the police wishes to do the assistance, would you take into consideration that a fee amounting to EUR 40,- approx. would be paid for.

When the accident occurs, it is recommandable that a message would be filled in (Unfallbericht). The respective forms are available at desk of Czech insurance companies. In case of the accident or engine failure, you can ask for assistance Austrian Auto-Moto-Club (OAMTC) or Arbo Association. Arbo Association has its internet web-site (www.arboe.at). Here, you can obtain more detailed information.

It is strictly recommended to keep Austrian Laws. If you break it, you would expect financial recourses. This concerns, first of all, breaking of traffic rules. Provided the traveller has lack of financial means, necessary for payment of granted penalty on spot, so, in such case, any other valuable object could be confiscated (removal of auto-radio, for instance, etc.). When the penalty will not be paid, the exaction by means of legal way, even in Czech Republic, could be effected. We recommend you as well, to keep and present on request the receipt, confirming that concrete goods was bought in Austria, in case if some doubts would occure, regarding way of its acquisition. The survey of border crossings is available on web-sites of Czech Interior Ministry.

Health Service - Important Phone Numbers

In case if standard health care of citizen of Czech Republic could be possible, during his temporary stay in Austria, it is necessary to present, when free of charge health service would be done, the documents, as follows:

-          „Health Security European Document“ (marked CZ, small stars would be  placed in right corner upstairs) or „A Confirmation, regarding Claims for Material Duties during stay in European Union Member State“ (Form E 111 CZ: This document was issued in time period when Health Security European Documents were not available).

-          valid personal identity card

In a place of health attendance, the patient is obliged to fill in the respective „Patient´s Declaration secured in European Union Member State or Switzerland“, used within period of temporary stay in Austria (so called Patientenerklarung). All documents regarding health attendance, Austrian health establishment will send to Health Insurance in Vienna (Wiener Gebietskraqnkenkasse - WGKK) and this office consequently claims all duties for financial settlement at respective health insurances in Czech Republic.

In case of some problems or complications, we recommend you to contact „The Centre of International Settlements“ (CMU) of contractor parties, which is contact place in Czech Republic for health care assistance, within the scope of European Union Countries and contacted states. (W.Churchill Square 2, 11359 Prague 3, fax: 00420/222 734 951, web-sites: www.cmu.cz, e-mail contact: info@cmu.cz)

So, we recommend you to conclude, before your journey, to conclude the respective insurance policy for journeys and stay, which could cover eventual repatriation of injured, ill or death person, to Czech Republic.


Important Phone Numbers:

Emergencey Call Central: 112

Rescue Service:                  144

Police:                                   133

Firemen:                               122

Engine Failures (OAMTC or ARBO): 120 or 123




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