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Recommandations for tourist - safety

The advice-information for tourists, travelling by car: The penalties, granted for no keeping of traffic rules are very high!  Control cameras are often to be appeared along highways and in towns. Prescribed speed on highways in Belgium is

120 kms/h , on roads outside towns 90 kms /h , and in towns 50 kms/h. The drivers are advised to keep the recommended speed , prescribed with traffic signs, especially in certain sections. One interesting phenomenon: all highways in Belgian territory are illuminated during the whole night, even in free countryside, outside towns, so your drive seems to be quite comfortable, and maybe, more safe !

As far as travelling with public means of transport is concerned : you can buy the tickets at underground stations, in newspaper kiosks or directly in  certain mean of transport (one ticket costs EUR 1,5, 10 tickets cost EUR 10,5),  attention: the penalties are quite high!

Belgium belongs, from tourist point of view, to safe countries. Nevertheless, also here, there are valid the same rules, as far as the vigilance is concerned, especially in places of  big crowds of people – i.e. on railways, airports, markets, etc. , where you could be a victim of pickpockets. Some risks could bring also eventual visit of some renowned places of Brussels city centre.






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