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General Information

Official name:              Belize

Capital:                         Belmopan

Extent:                          22 966 square kilometres

Population number:  272 945

Official language:       English

State organization:    Constitutional Monarchy, Member of Commonwealth

Main religion:              Roman Catholics (58%), Protestants (34%)

Time:                            Central European Time - 7 hours




Belize, situated in the area of Central America, has two neighbours - Mexico in west and Guatemala, whereas the eastern part of the country is washed up by Caribbean Sea.



Humid tropical virgin forests are home of gigantic trees, such as: mahogany, guanacastew and cohun palms, where orchids, bromelias and other plants are growing. Baier tapir was declared as a national mammal. To other local animals and birds belong, for instance, jaguars, pekari pigs, vultures,storks or ant-eaters. Many sorts of tropical birds are living there, such as: humming-birds, toucans, woodpeckers, ara-parrots, etc.



Belize is mainly tropical plain-land. Typical very hot and humid weather is prevailing there all year round. The precipitation is weak in the north, whereas the most intensive is in the south. South rain forests accept nearly four metres of precipitations in a year, so this area is most humid. On the other hand, low altitude and hot and sultry climate makes a contrast to Maya Mountain Range - as the overtop against west and south Belize makes 1000 metres. Local mountain climate is much more pleasant as in plain land. It is tolerably hot during the day and rather colder in the night. The highest average temperatures dominate there since May till September, reaching 30 °C.



Notwithstanding low population number, an uncredible ethnical heterogenity prevails in Belize. The Creols form there the biggest group. These are the descendants of African slaves and British pirates. They settled there as the first and started to use local forest material sources. One third of population is represented with cross-breeds of original Indian inhabitants of Central America and European colonists. The Mayos form approx. 10% of total population.




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