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Safety situation in Byelorussia

In general, Byelorussia is a police state. Nevertheless, the chance that you could be a victim of general crime activities, is relatively low. Anyway, while travelling by car, you have to take into consideration  great number of police guards and controls on the route. The officials mostly ( anyway, not in open way) wait for hush-money , instead of payment of  a penalty. Safety situation on roads is improved, making comparison with past time period. At present, a violence is to be occured scarsly. Even along main roads, such as Brest-Minsk, Minsk-Gomel, Minsk-Vilnius or Minsk-Grodno, the situation is, regarding controls, quite favourable. In predominant majority, the attack of lorries with loads is in question. So, in case of such conrols, we recommend you to behave moderately, presentation of purse,( full of hard valuta)  on militia control stands is, especially at petrol station, absolutely not allowed, even at petrol station. We recommend you therefore, to have a stop at DAI ( standpoints of road militia) only.

Safety situation in towns is different, and not always absolutely reliable.  First of all, you have to pay attention the best way of hiding of your money and personal documents, and not to be in centre of attention. Nevertheless, you can move, without big risk, on main roads of all great towns within all 24 hours. Attention: do not make a stop for hitch-hikers on roads, even female-sex!

The importation of personal belongings (except furniture) is allowed, without paying a duty, up to weight of 50 kgs and price-limit to EUR 1000,-, value, means of transport, imported by foreigners, working in Byelorussia (or for time period up to three months), non-merchant goods imported by persons (or family members), working in Byelorussia. Apart of this, you are allowed to import, free of charge, 1 litre of alcoholic drinks, 1 litre of wine, 200 pcs of cigarettes or 200 gr of tobacco – all for one person, older tham 18 years of age, further, five pieces of jewels, one piece of watches, three pieces of cloths made from nature leather or fur, and four pieces of tyres. It is absolutely necessary that the tourists  strictly keep especially imported and exported quantities of alcoholic drinks and tobacco products. It is strictly forbidden the import of weapons and ammunition (in special cases – such as sport competitions – the permission of central authorities is necessary), narcotics and psychotropic stoffs, equipments for opium- and hashish smoking, press- and audio-visual materials, or other porters of porno-contents or any information which could damage the interests of Byelorussia.


Exportation/Importation from/to Byelorussian Republic:

Ït is strictly forbidden to export narcotics and psychotropic stoffs, press- and audio-visual materials or other porters with porno-contents or any information which could damage the interests of Byelorussia. Further, it is not allowed the exportation of artistic subjects and antiquities, plants and animals, written in Red book of Byelorussia. According to actual permit of importation/exportation of weapons in/from Byelorussia (including transit journeys of Czech Republic citizens , with permanent stay in Czech Republic and legal held weapons – proprietors of guns licenses - this permissions  is relating only to sportsmen, participating international competitions (on base of official invitation of Sports and Tourist Ministry), hunters, officially invitated, by means of  Byelorussian Union of  Hunters and Fishermen) or another hunters´organization. Foreign Office Ministry of Czech Republic draws all citizens  attention to a fact that, if the drivers do not visit in time with their vehicles for passport and customs procedures, in accordance with its validity date of  temporary vehicle´s importation („vremennyi vvoz“)  and visa, the respecite authorities of Byelorussia could confiscate the vehicle.






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