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Safety situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

We wish to draw your attention for absolute unsuitable state and permeability of roads and other communitations in this country.. In Bosnia and Herzegowina, with the exception of two short sections, the highways are completely missing. The roads do not have its central belt, nor hardened extreme parts of the road. You have often pass throughout mountaneous terrains. In case of passage to the Adriatic, you have to pass through several non-illuminated tunnels(nevertheless, the local situation is improving slowly), you have to avoid many wash-outs on road, and ( first of all, on Fridays and Sundays afternoon in summer saison) , with crowds of vehicles , appearing on main routes leading to sea-coast ( especially long waiting hours are to be taken into account at exit from Sarayevo in direction to Mostar). However, great problems are outlasting, as far as hygienic rules keeping are concerned. So called „black dumping places“ and rubbish, left along roads, could be met not only in nature but also in towns. Except Sarayevo, where the drinking water is supplied from subterranean sources of the best quality, the tourists are recommended to drink bottled water and drinks bought in local  shops, where there is wide offer available. Nevertheless, do not buy meat and milk products in open markets, as these products are not stored in cooling or freezing boxes. On the other hand, the profylactic quality control of packed foodstuffs is on very good level in Bosnia and Herzegowina. However, many free running cats and dogs  can be found in this country , which could become the carriers of various sorts of  infections and diseases. The actual safety situation is, except of some incidents from time to time with its national backround, (such as stones-casting of religious buildings, violence in sporting stadiums,etc.) relatively calm. Votes of violence concern mostly the refugees, who return home, or are suspected from war crimes or organized crime. The level of general crimes ( pickpockets, cars-theft, robbings, etc.) in Sarayevo is compatible with Prague. Nevertheless, in remaining regions, it is on lower level as in Czech Republic, despite the fact that its tendency is growing, according to statistic data. However, omnipresent war troubles maintain expressively  long-term violence-level as in Czech Republic. This danger is presented  in places where the mines are hidden. However, there is impossible to say, how extend the mines-fields exist in Bosnia-Herzegowina. The message,issued by UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) , says that 11% of Bosnia-Herzegowina territory is dangerous as far as the mine fields are concerned. More information – see actual map on www.bhmac.org.  The towns and populated regions of the country are cleaned from mines. Attention: mountain tourist wandring could bring a risk, as not all mined areas are safely signed. So, we recommend the visitors, to follow asphalted roads  or visible used ways only.


Important phone numbers 


Police: 122

Firemen: 123

Ambulance: 124




Bosnia and Herzegovina


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