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Information about state

Official Name:                    The Republic of Botswana

Capital:                                Gabonne

Extent:                                 581 730 square kilometres

Population Number:         1,680 863

Official Language:            Setswana, English

State Organization:          Republic

The Highest Peak:            Otse Peak (1491 m)

Main Religion:                    traditional animistic religion, (50%), Christians (50%)

Time:                                    Middle European Time + 1 h



Botswana is situated in south part of Africa, neighbouring with three states: in north with Zambia, in north and west with Namibia, in east with Zimbabwe and in south with

the Republic of South Africa. As far as its largeness is concerned, the country corresponds to approximate extent of France or Kenya. The average altitude is 1000 metres above sea level.

The countryside is covered mainly with savannas and valley deserts.

On north-west, the Okawango-river flows through, creating  various straits and islands in this region. Nearly 85% of the country is covered with Kalahari Desert, presenting gradual sandy valley with dwarfish trees and bushes. In the north, there is to be found Makgadikgadi, great salt basin. However, no higher mountain range could be found in the country. In general, Botswana is „flat“ , with few small hills, placed mostly at south-east border with South Africa.



Owing to vast dry areas, the country vegetace is mostly of savannah type. The only forests of loosing leaves are placed in north-east, in Chobe province. Local forest copse are fully worked for building and paper industries. Anyway, sorts of trees are appearing there , such as mongonga or marula. Rather „more live“ nature environment could be found along delta of Okawango-river. Botswana´s fauna offers typical African animals, such as. elephants, zebras, gepards, rhinoceros, hippopotamusses, antelopes, hyenas, monkeys, etc.

Nevertheless, local animals have their most compact representation just in delta of Okawango-river and in adjoined areas, which offer the region most important source,

the water.



Local climate is tropical. Although the country is rather dry , you can meet there heavy rains, during period, since November till March. During summer, there is to be met the highest humidity stage and the highest temperatures at the same time. During a day, the temperatures exceed usually more than 40° C. The winter period is since May till August.



Botswana has one of highest birth-rates of the world ( 3,5% approx.). From more than

1,5 millions of  population, 60%  has their so called Tswana roots. To the other important tribe groups belong San, Kalanga, Mbukushu, Yei and Herero. ¨

As far as the languages are concerned, these are Setswana andd English, as official languages, whereas Setswana langauge is spoken by 90% of local population.






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