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As far as safe situation in Brasil is concerned, it is not ideal, especially in big towns, such as Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo. So, you are recommended to keep safe rules, as follows:

- before you leave, would you come to understanding with your family or friends in your country, what to do, in case you get into trouble. Would you fully inform them about your trip itinerary, including  hotel names and inland flight numbers. It is very important to know in advance  eventulally money transfer abroad. The best way is by means of Western Union Service and Banco de Brasil (all branches are open - Mondays-Fridays since 10 till 16 hours).

- your passport, air-tickets as well as the other original documents, would you leave it, if possible, always locked and kept in hotel safe. In Brasil, for presentation of your identity, a photocopy of your passport, would be sufficient enough.

- for walks in the town or along a beach, would you take with really minimal amount of cash money only, mostly in small banconotes (Reals 1, 2, 5 or 10). Do not wear jewels, such as small chains, ear-rings, bracelets or rings. The rucksacks or bags, and especially the look of tourist, attracts the attention and a risk of posible attack is increasing.

- be cautious when using video-camera or photo-camera. Bigger devices would not be carried in visible place, around  your neck. So, inconspicious plastic bags from local supermarket could be ideal protection for such purpose.

- do not leave your personal belongings or luggage without supervision, even at the airport or in hotel lobby. Do not use small bags for deposit of documents and money (during your way from the airport to the hotel and back), do not use handbags for such purpose, please.

Your documents and money must be deposited (kept) directly on your body (you can buy various „inconspicious pockets“ in shops of travel requisities).

When visiting Rio de Janeiro, would you follow the rules:

- do not be allured for visiting of local slums (favelas). Even travel agency is unable to secure the safety, moreover, local police is not accompanying tourist groups.

- do not walk through tunnels between separate parts of the town, as frequent attacks are effected there.

- do move, in the town or along the beach, always in a group or in a crowd, if possible, provided you travel alone. In the night, we wish to recommend you to use taxi-service, even for short distance.

- do not be lulled by seemingly calm rhytm of the town. The attacks of thieves could be effected during a day on busy street or on the beach. The aggressors are working usually in groups and use the automatic weapons for the attack.

- when you have a feeling that you could be followed, would you go towards relatively safe places as soon as possible (shop, hotel lobby, etc.), do not hesitate to contact the nearest uniformed policeman. Further, avoid any suspected person (laying on the earth or behaving in strange way), it is the best way to cross to the opposite pavement.

- provided you would be attacked, give the aggressors all, you would be asked for.

The aggressors are interested, first of all, in cash-money, jewels, video-or photo-cameras or cellular (mobil) phones. In such moment, do not try to defend against them and be quiet. All attempts for self-defence finish for attacked person in tragical way. Never underestimate even low age of the aggressor! Do not try to escape, as you do not know, how many aggressors are on the place. Do avoid violent movements or direct look into aggressor´s face.

- if your passport would be stolen, let to issue theft-protocol at the respective police staion office. And immediately, would you contact the hotel, where you stay and the consular section of your Embassy.


Important Phone Numbers valid  for whole territory of Brasil:

Police: 190 (Policia militar), 147 (Policia civil)

Emergency service:  (Pronto Socorro) 192

Firemen (Bombeiros): 193




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