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Travelling to Brasil, you need a passport, valid for six months at least after leaving the country.

Travelling with motor vehicle, you need international driving licence. Provided it is not accompanied with description in Portuguese language,it must be added with a clause of DETRAN (traffic inspection approval), including the respective translation. Nevertheless, the reality is that foreign drivers do not have any clause available. In case of police and traffic inspection, you are obliged to present the documents, belonging to the vehicle and a document, proving that the respective security police was paid.

For highway traffic, no highway vignettes (marks) exist. Driving along private roads, you have to pay a toll (pedagio), amounting to BRL 4 - 14 for personal car, depending on the section you passed (50-100 kms approx.).

The citizens of European Union do not need the entry visas, provided their stay in Brasil does not exceed 90 days, and the stay will not be used for seeking the job in the country. Anyway, this term could be prolonged, provided total number of days spent in Brasil does not exceed 180 days of the year.

Nevertheless, we wish to recommend you to check, before you leave,whether the conditions for entry and stay in the country did not changed in the meantime.

As far as so called announcing duty is concerned, this is executed by hotels automatically. If the length of stay in Brasil exceeds 30 days, the passenger is obliged to inform this fact himself at Federal Police Office. Provided he does not do so and applies for visa prolongation, there is a danger that a fine will follow, or the passenger could be even expelled from the country.

When travelling into neighbouring countries (except plane traffic), the passenger has the duty to ask for leaving stamp to passport from Brasil frontier officers, and leave the second part of so called border way-bill (the passenger receives this document in a moment of his arrival to the country). Without this leaving stamp in passport (however, the tourist would look after such document himself on some small earth border crossings) there are troubles when you need enter the country again. In similar way, you are obliged to fill in and let to confirm this border way-bill and ask for entry stamp into passport, when entering Brasil.




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