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Travelling to Bulgaria

Citizens of Czech Republic can travel to Bulgaria on base of valid passport or personal identity card, equipped with machinery readable zone and marked part , which  is not divided. The documents would be valid within planned  period of stay on territory of Bulgaria. The citizen, younger as 15 years of age could leave the territory of Czech Republic with his own passport. Without own passport, he can travel with parents, who have written the name in their passport. However, we have to draw your attention to the fact that since 1st September 2006. no child, younger as 145 years of age, could not be written into passport of their parents. The personal identity card serves as travel document for his holder only. So, provided the parent travels with his identity card only, together with a child, younger than 15 years of age, so we recommend in such case, that the child could obtain his own passport, even in such case, when the child is written in personal identity card of his parent. In case, when you loose your travel documents, you are obliged to contact the Embassy of Czech Republic , where you receive your supplementary  travelling document. This document will serve you for your return way to Czech Republic. The drivers of motor vehicles are obliged to have the permission for entry and stay in Bulgaria,further, presenting driving licence, technical ducuments regarding a car, and green card. It is valid to have available certificated  authorization from vehicle owner , in case that you drive with leased or company car ( in Bulgarian language or in another of world languages, the better way is in English).






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