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Safety information

The particulars of travelling in Canada are just indicated with great extent of Canadian territory, concentration of inhabitants - in 250 kilometres wide belt along borders with United States (nearly 90% of all Canada inhabitants live inside this belt), and, on the other hand, with extensive areas with minimal population density, and big distances among places of interest, attractive from tourist´s point of view - from several hundreds of kilometres and to thousands kms distances (so, for instance. Montreal-Vancouver: 4769 kms, Montreal-Calgary: 3760 kms, Montreal - Toronto: 571 kms, Toronto-Niagara Falls: 120 kms, etc.).

North Canadian Territories are unpopulated and inaccessible with standard means of transport. Anyway, even long-lasting winter period belongs to local specialities. The winter is lasting there usually since October till May, with temperatures dropping currently below 20 °C, in inland even below 30 °C, and these conditions are absolutely unsuitable for tourists´ activities.

While staying in Canadian National and Province Parks, you are obliged to keep strictly all respective prescriptions, stating the conditions of movement and behaviour in these parks, the payment of all charges for stay there, the conditions of animals´ hunting and fishing - all this is allowed on base of special permission only. In parks and forests, poisonous cringing ivies are appearing. The places of their existence are marked with plates: „poison ivy“. Attention: during your stay in a forest, the bears´ attacks are menacing to you. Further: owing to excessive presence of insects inside afforested Canadian areas, including vicinity of water sources, you are recommended to be supplied with sufficient quantity of effective repelent preparations.

So, all specific matters, described above (necessity to overcome big distances, climate, total life surroundings, costs for travelling, etc.) are justified with rather lower infrastructure level for tourist activities, making comparison to West European countries or to United States.

In general, safety situation in Canada is relatively good, and during standard ways of travelling, the passengers are not threatened with any increased danger. Nevertheles, some exception could occure during a stay in remote quarters of big cities, eventually in scarcely populated areas. So, it is important to be equipped with exact actual address as well as phone contacts for some friends and relatives who are to be visited.

In Canada, no central inhabitants´ survey is existing, so local administrative offices would be unable to help you, when looking for concrete addresses as well as phone contacts, with regard to frequent travelling and movement of local inhabitants. So, it would be useful to note (on some supplementary place) a number of travelling document as well as important phone numbers in the country.


Important Phone Numbers:

Police, emergency service, firemen: 911

Information regarding phone numbers in province, where the passenger is placed: 411

Information regarding phone numbers in another province, where the passenger is situated:

1 (code of calling province) 555 1212




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