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Travelling to Canada, you do not need the entry visa, provided your stay in the country will not be longer than six months of your stay there. The visas are not required for passport holders, who travel to Canada  for tourist, service or diplomatic purposes. The visas are not required also in case of short-term studies (language courses) or one semester exchange stays under the condition that the visitors will not be seeking for profitable jobs.

As far as the stay longer than six months or working jobs (profitable) stays, including so called „Youth Mobility“ stays  are concerned, the visa duty is valid.

Anyway, if the visitor arrives to Canada as a tourist (within scope of visa-free contact, or as a student or a worker for working for long-term permission), he could be able, entering into Canadian territory, to demonstrate the Immigration Officer especially the following facts:

- valid passport. The validity of such document must exceed six months after the entry into the country, and the passport must contain minimally one free page.

- must show complete detailed time-table (itinerary) of the trip, including arrival and departure terms.

- presentation of accessible financial means, which would be sufficient for planned stay in Canada (banking account extract, banking cards, travel cheques, etc.)

The limit of such financial means is not exactly limited, but the decisive factor is a length and character of stay in Canada. As far as tourist purposes are concerned, the amount relating to CAD 100 - 150 per person and day would be sufficient. The financial means are to be proved in cash - form or in travel cheques, credit cards, etc.

- the documents, securing the respective accommodation in the country

- the documents proving that the respective health security police was settled

- in case of business trips, the invitation letter from Canadian partner

- the passenger must be in good health condition. He would not suffer from any infection disease  which could be easily transferred (tuberculosis, but not AIDS!).

- the passenger is obliged to have sufficient financial means available, in order to cover all costs for his stay

The conditions for visa application, in case of long-term stay in Canada, are the following:

The visa fee makes CAD 150, and the original of application form confirmation is to be added to application form. Each application is to be settled individually. The applicant could be invited, on base of Consul´s decision, to an interview or could be appealed for presentation of the other documents, or asked for medical inspection.

Regarding other details of visa procedures, would you be informed directly at Consular Section of Canadian Embassy. We wish to draw your attention to the fact that fee payment and visa application form do not make Canada Government to a promise that the respective entry visa could be granted at all. When the entry visa would be refused to the applicant, the fee would not be returned.

The passenger is allowed to stay in Canada territory maximally for six months from the date of entry. The Canadian Immigration Officers have wide scale of competence, they are entitled to refuse the entry, despite the existence of valid visa, or they are entitled to shorten just mentioned six months term. They mention into passport time dead-line, when the passenger would be obliged to leave the country. The notice will be made into passport, close to the entry stamp (often by marking of date of return flight from Canada). The Canadian Immigration Authorities could expell everybody, who would violate local immigration prescriptions, from whatever reason (the violation of permitted length of stay in the country, the breakage of prohibition of profibale activities, etc.).

So, keeping of all conditions for entry into Canadian territory, is proved by visitor, first of all in fullfillment of so called Customs Declaration, just on board of the plain. After landing at the airport or any other border crossing, short detailed interview could be made. Nevertheless, the fullfillment of conditions, stated above (such as: sufficient validity of travelling documents) could be required by forwarder (air company) before starting the journey to Canada. So, non -fullfillment of such conditions could be for forwarder a reason that the passenger would be expelled from transfer.

If the pasenger has the intention to study or work in Canada, he is obliged to ask for the permission for such activities outside Canada, i.e. at Visa Section of Canadian Embassy abroad. The permission for study will be issued for the applicant after presentation of respective documents, such as: letters from the University, where the applicant intends to study, medical certificate, documents, confirming the covering of all costs during studies, etc. Similar conditions are valid for so called working permission, which involves also „au-pair“ category. Detailed information, including necessary forms, could be obtained at any Canadian Embassy abroad.

Caution: in any case, it is impossible to make misuse of tourist visa regime for the purposes of employment or studies! Such visitor is exposed a danger for expulsion from the country. It is also impossible to require, during a stay in Canadian territory, to immigration to the country, nor for the purpose of family unit.

In case of interest for stay-prolongation, the passenger is obliged to ask for the respective administrative organs (CIC), which have a seat in all capitals of Provinces, at least 30 days before expiration of permitted stay. You have to take into consideration that the prolongation of tourist stay is connected with payment a charge of non-returnable fee amounting to CAD 75 - 150 according to application types.

Anyway, you are strictly recommended, not to try the „prolongation“ of your stay in Canada, travelling into United States, and afterthat, when you received new tourist visa, enter again into Canadian territory. So, this way of „purpose travelling“ could bring you the fact that you would be refused to enter into Canadian territory, with consequently problems with Canadian Immigration Office. Also in case of opposite direction, an attempt to enter Canadian territory from United States at the end of permitted stay in USA, and return entry to USA after certain stay in Canada - so, this way of travelling could be very risky. The violation of Canadian immigration prescriptions could finish in several years´ lasting prohibition to enter into Canadian territory. Similarly, the trial or illegal entry to USA territory is also judged in very strictly way.

You are advised, in this connection, that a possibility of visa granting to USA (of whatever type)  at USA Embassies in Canada is minimal. The same is valid for granting of Canadian visa in USA territory. Moreover, possible intervention of Embassies abroad, after final decision of refusal to grant Canadian visa, is absolutely excluded.

So called anniuncing duty in Canada does not exist.




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