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CZ: Prague Islands VI. - Troja Island - VIDEO

Published: 9.12.2011
The Prague's northernmost island is an island of Troja, sometimes referred to as Císařský (Imperial), which lies between Bubeneč and Troja, which is now the lower part of the zoological gardens and water birds. There is beautiful nature around. The Royal Game Preserve is located south and on north is a protected natural park Drahaň-Troja. On video you can see training of paddlers on slalom course.


In the past, the island called Imperial. When in the 19th century older island Troja disappeared, this name was used for a large island imperial and so is called today. In time of Emperor Rudolf II., there were only meadows and pheasant. In 1846, the majority of grassland destroyed during the construction of railways, and there was a new canal. From 1899-1902 he was built for shipping Podbaba gate weir and lock. In the years 1900-1906 was built in Bubeneč area sewage treatment plant, which served until 1954. After this year the government decided to build a new central wastewater treatment plant, as the old treatment plant has its capacity enough. The building, including old cleaning process equipment in 1991 was declared a cultural monument and came here Eco-museum. The island lies on the River Vltava, cadastral Bubenec and is divided into districts and Prague 6 and Prague 7.


Throw Podbaba shipping channel runs regular shipping transport, in the season we can ride a boat to visit the zoo, botanical garden, Troja Castle, or just go through the beautiful Royal preserve, better known as Stromovka. Near the Troja bank is the water slalom course where water lovers can visit wild water races. For Trojan weir site is located Mounted Police, is therefore no traits while walking to meet with the police horses in the saddle. The neighbourhood police find a riding school horse riding TJ Zizka Prague with a covered grandstand and riding hall IN-EXPO. On the whole northern part of the island is wastewater treatment plant.


Text: Pavlína Nováková

Photo/video: klára Svobodová

Drawn: Islands of Prague - Eva Hrubešová

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