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CZ: Prague - Old Town Square At Christmas - VIDEO

Published: 27.12.2011
Christmas tree stands in Prague's Old Town Square from 21 November. Most people but attracts just around Christmas.

It is after Christmas Eve and presents are distributed and people again go outside the streets, this time already without the stress. On the square, which normally dominates the Old Town Hall and its famous clock, always remains a little Christmas party interest.

Magical lights from time immemorial associated with the tradition of the Christmas holidays last days of the year attract people much more powerfully than a medieval astronomical clock and all other attractions. Although the view from the tower down to probably the most beautiful square in Prague is definitely worth it. But this show mainly used by tourists. Few Prague´s natives up there ever were.

Staroměstské náměstí

Staroměstské náměstíStaroměstské náměstíStaroměstské náměstíPařížská ulice

But on the other hand, only a few locals, and whether a native or "silt" - as he says, immigrants who are regarded as Pražák, to miss the atmosphere that exists around the lavishly decorated Christmas tree. And even at prices which traders there without shame charge.

Christmas = business

Hot Mead people can get for 70 crowns, hot wine for 50. On Facebook among the "friends" appear even types that stand offers better drinks, and that is cheating. Especially on weekends, when the "Old Town Square" can´t hardly walk, but it seems that people's total care. The food and the traditional "winter drinks" are willing to wait in long lines to the time of Christian holidays got something un-Christian dear diluted with water.

In comparison with other nations, Czechs complain. Even more during holiday leave to serve a conciliatory bluff and watery, whose quality definitely do not match the price. They do Christmas, so why once in a while spend more than usually.

Staroměstské náměstíStaroměstské náměstíStaroměstské náměstíStaroměstské náměstí

So everybody, except abandoned Slovak-speaking young man who sadly recounts the story of a stolen suitcase to get money for the journey back home, are smiling. In addition to the merchants from Christmas-minded people, try to grab something and a large group of parasites. Even them, thrive in trash bins to find something interesting or at least somewhat palatable. Until it all on stage singing and dancing children and others, which have booked this place until the New Year.

Staroměstské náměstíStaroměstské náměstíStaroměstské náměstí

Staroměstské náměstí

Christmas markets can completely transform the Old Town Square. These Christian holidays have no special magic. People who routinely don´t meet each others are suddenly urgent need to meet and talk about how it really flies, and they do not have time for anything, then walk away and know for themselves until they start all over again in stores playing Christmas carols. They buy the gifts, but mostly not to do other pleasure, but because they are after Christmas. Machines for Christmas Eve dinner, which do not couple, why exists and festive face of the fish, that tastes not that luxurious.

Paradoxically these oddities which are joined with Christmas, really connect people, although many of the depth of this tradition really knows very little. Perhaps someday we will reach that Christmas will be just about spending money on one side and business on the other, but they will be real quiet and let the holidays for Christians, atheists and other religious groups. This inner struggle but you must win all over himself. Merry Christmas to you all, dear readers!

Text/photo/video: Klára Svobodová


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