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Prague - Wenceslas square

Published: 22.1.2008
„Saint Wenceslas, Duke of Bohemia, our Prince, do not allow to perish us now, nor in the future!“. This sentence by Alois Dryák is engraved on base of St.Wenceslas statue on upper part of Wenceslas Square.

Wenceslas Square became as a witness of several historical events. It was and it is traditional place of meetings, demonstrations and celebrations. The square-belt 60m of width and 682m of length connects National Museum and Můstek. This name comes from 1848, the square named before Koňský trh (Horse Market).

The dominanted poits are, except of National Museum Building, also riding-statue of St.Wenceslas of 1912 made by sculptor Josef Václav Myslbek. The part of this bronze-statue form also figures-statues of St. Ludmila, St. Ethelbert, St. Agnes Bohemian and St. Prokopius. The original statue of Jan Jiří Bendl of 1678 stood in the middle of square. In 1879 was this original statue replaced to Vyšehrad into Štulc Orchard.

In 1927 the square  the square was reconstructed , new parking places and middle belt were established. In 1980 tthe tramway traffic was closed (cancelled) along square parts. The tram traffic lines are functioning in  nearby streets of Vodičkova and Jindřišská.

On both edges of  a square there are two important change points  of underground, these of Můstek and Museum. Anyway, there are new plans for reconstruction of a square, now. The tram traffic line would be re-introduced direct on a square and other changes and reconstructions are in view.

To most important events, connected with Wenceslas Square history, belong those of 1918, on 28th October, when the writer Alois Jirásek read  Declaration of  Czechoslovak State Independent. In 1945 was here declared the end of 2ns World War. In January 1969 – as a protest act against invasion of Warsaw Pact Units to Czechoslovakia – burnt in an upper part of a square  student Jan Palach and later the other student Jan Zajíc. In November 1989, here, on Wenceslas Square, was starter so called Velvet Revolution, which terminated the Communist Regime in a country.


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