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Andorra – Little Country in the Heart of Big Mountains

Published: 2.9.2019
If you are going on a trip to Andorra, be prepared that this small but culturally rich country is not accessible by all means of transport. There is not a single railway station in the Principality, and you cannot get there by plane. On the other hand, cable cars, which are blessed in this tiny country, are considered to be a very common means of transport. Another good news is the extremely low gasoline prices, which are not subject to value added tax.

You will undoubtedly need gasoline on your way, if you want to cross the border at all, you need to climb the Envalira mountain pass, which is located at 2 409 m above sea level. There are many sharp turn. The road is wide so it is perfect for car and motorcycle enthusiasts.

nedaleko průsmyku Envalira

horská chata   kráva

Andorra has an interesting and very complex history, but it is important that today it is a so-called diarchy, a state system in which two people are heads of state. In the case of Andorra, these persons are the French President and Bishop of the Urgel Diocese (Head of the Catalan Church). Thus, influences from both France and Spain are mixed in an interesting way. Most of the people of the country, however, consider themselves Catalan, for only in Andorra is Catalan the official language of the nation. In addition to Catalan, French, Spanish and Portuguese are fluently spoken, so it is no wonder that most of the residents have no room for English.

poustevna   kostel

The whole country's economy is dependent mainly on tourism, during the winter months residents of neighboring countries go here for winter sports and also for convenient, tax-free shopping. As a result, the beautiful countryside here is burdened with unsecure hotel complexes and tourist towns deployed along the Valira River, which flows through the entire Principality. On the other hand, the locals take great care of the high places, so there is nothing easier than avoiding the populated capital of Andorra la Vella and heading straight into the mountains. And these are really worth it.

skalnaté hřebeny hor

The highest peak of the country is Coma Pedrosa, located at an impressive 2,942 meters above sea level. According to locals, it has the shape of a pyramid, and thanks to this mountain, according to legend, this small state managed to maintain its relative independence. If you plan to go for it, prepare for a rather difficult trek, it certainly will not give you anything for free.

průjez Andorrou

GPS: (Andorra la Vella) 42°30'22.7"N 1°31'36.0"E

Text and photos: Barbara Nováková

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