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Malta: Divine Peace, Night Life, and Beautiful Beaches III

Published: 8.7.2022
I have already presented you with two parts of my story about Malta. Yet there are still places to see. We visit another two inhabited islands today.

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A boat cruise is an extraordinary experience. It goes under the cliffs of the south coast of the island. Blue Grotto caves are the reason why tourists usually go here. Water is crystal clear inside the caves. Amazing. There is possibility of snorchling. You can also do some rock climbing during which you fall down into water. The cliff gives you great vista over Fifla, an uninhabited rocky island which is the southernmost point of Malta.

cruise ship at Blue Grotto

Blue Grotto and the southern cliffs are regarded film makers. Many world-famous movies were partially set on uninhabited plains of the island, or on Comino and Gozo islands. Such movies are Troya, Gladiator, Count Monte Christo, Game of Thrones, or the Clast of the Titans. Amazing props were left after some of these movies and you can see them. We talk about  Popeye Village. Popeye was epitomized by the then unknown Robin Williams. This beautiful, colorful village of many crooked houses is over 35 years old. Don't let it slip out of your itineriary.

Popeye Village   Popeye Village film village. A tourist attraction today

Let's explore other islands of the Repubic of Malta. Our ship sets sails by the northwestern projection of the island. It is the closest to the islands. Next to Malta is Comino - a small island surrounded by clear water and small islets. Ever day, tourist crowds arrive at here. Yet permanent dwellers are just few. It is possible to move on foot on Comino. There is just one hotel operating during the season only. Bees prosper on this island. Perhaps you have heard about a special type of honey available only on Malta. The Maltese people eat it with sweet toast bread which is available everywhere.


The last of the islands is Gozo. It is really quiet. Locals travel there to get some rest and gain energy. The boat is heading to Mgarr port. Once there, people travel everywhere on the island. There are only few permanent dwellers. Soil is more fertail. There are many farms yet some points of interest for tourists as well. Ggantija temple is sure worht a visit. It is the oldest of megalithic temples. Azure Window is an interesting natura phenomenna (unfortunately on March 8, 2017 there was a crash during a storm). It is basically a huge rock arc. It is situated near Dwejra Bay in the west of the island. You can swim in the waters around the arc, or sail on a boat, climb cliffs, and do some diving.

Azure Window (before the collapse)

cliffs on Gozo   garages for boats, Gozo

Tourists like the cave where, according to a legend, Odyssesus spent part of his life with nymph Calypso (north of the island). 

The islands of Malta are a great place for any generation. Everybody are going to find what they like here.


GPS: (Azure Window) 36°03'13.3"N 14°11'19.8"E

Text: Martina Brožková

Photos: Martina Brožková, Wikimedia Commons: Picman

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