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SK: Cabins in Skialps

Published: 5.12.2021
Mountain and alpine huts have become a popular destination for ski mountaineers in recent years. This is also one of the reasons why a new ski mountaineering guide was created, which offers a selection of the most interesting ascents in the Tatras, as well as the Great Fatra.

The reader will find in the book novelty a description of the routes of ascents and exits to mountain and alpine huts, as well as important mountain hotels or shelters. The individual routes also contain advice or rather recommendations for everyone interested in winter adventures to choose a hike corresponding to their condition and skiing abilities. You don't have to worry, because most of the readers can handle the outputs described in the guide.

Chaty na skialpech

The book guide Chaty na skialpech by author Stanislav Klauč contains ascent routes and exits to a total of 25 cottages, shelters and mountain hotels. Most of them are located in the High and Low Tatras or in the Great Fatra. But the Belianske and Western Tatras, Oravská Magura and Kysucké Beskydy are also represented here.

Chaty na skialpochChaty na skialpoch

The publication also includes a package of GPX (way track) files for download, which, after uploading to the GPS device, will display the ascent and downhill routes described in the guide. There are also QR codes of all cottages, shelters and hotels listed in the guide, 155 color pictures and 24 maps.

Chaty na skialpech

On 148 pages you can prepare for a ski mountaineering tour, leaving the comforts of home and overcoming yourself. You will experience the beauty and misery of climbing and the feeling of success when you unbuckle your skis and enter one of the selected huts.

Chaty na skialpech

The ski mountaineering chalets are the third publication on the ski mountaineering theme and thus complement the Selection of Ski and Ski Mountaineering Tours, as well as the Ski Mountaineering Slopes. They are only available in limited quantities through the Tatrica publishing house (www.tatrica.sk) and their partners.

skialpinističtí průvodci


Write us how many descriptions of ascents and exits are contained in the new book guide Chaty na skialpech at 4gsyQOQa9~Bq2~6_Tlx by 12.12. 2021 and we will reward one of you with this exceptional publication. We will publish the name of the winners on our social networks.


Source and photos: PR, Tatrica publishers

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