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Chile has airflight connections with North America, Europe as well as with Australia. In case of your interest or necessity, you can fly to/from Argentina, Bolivia or Peru. Most of flying companies are landing in capital Santiago, several lines are flying to Arica in the north of the country.

Travelling by plane

In the country, there are operating two big flying companies, securing inland flights, such as: LAN-Chile and Ladeco. Owing to very extensive area of the country, the flights could be much more easier as the transfer by bus (for instance, from Patagonia to Tierra del Fuego). Both companies are offering so called „flying passport“. It is a special document, enabling to use flying routes of chosen airports in Chile, with validity, not exceeding three weeks. The unit price is USD 300 approx.

Travelling by bus

Travelling by bus is comfortable, and the buses are kept in very good condition. Most of big cities have bus terminals available, the respective time tables are mostly maintained. When travelling for long distances, use double-deckers, where even the lsleeping seats are available. The students and pensioners can receive reductions, provided they present with their valid identification cards.

Travelling by train

Train connection is an important way of transport, when travelling from Santiago to Temuca (all year round) and further, up to Puerto Mont (during summer only). The trains are offering three various classes - „sleeping class“ (suitable for longer routes and night transfers), economic class amd so called „saloon class“.

Travelling by car

Despite the fact that Chile has dense nest of public transport, some interesting localities could be reached without trouble by car only. So, provided you lease motor vehicle, the costs would be lower as you would pay in Europe for the same service. Unit price of benzine is moving around USD 0,45 per 1 liter. On the other hand, the car is offering time independence for you, and in case, if you have with the outfit for camping, no problem regarding accommodation could be solved. Anyway, you need international driving licence, for motor vehicle driving. The rent of small vehicle costs USD 20 per one day + USD 0,20 per one  journey kilometer.

Necessary Documernts

The citizens of European Union countries do not need  entry visa, travelling to Chile. So, you need your passport, with the validity, exceedimg 90 days minimally, after leaving the country. Porovided you arrive to Chile with motor vehicle, you need for presentation: technical document of the car, international driving licence. The vaccination certificate is not required. As far as the granting of long-term stay visa is concerned, you are obliged to apply for it at the respective Consular Section of Chile Embassy abroad. You need to present the following items: four photos, the excerpt of law register, including confirmed juridical translation, and working permit-agreement with Chile company, confirmed by notary in Chile, or confirmed document regarding studies and granted scholarship. Further, you would be asked for presenting of sufficient financial means for stay in the country (USD 100 per one day), but it is not required, in case of European Union citizens.

When entering the country, the foreigners are obliged to fill in so called „White Immigration Card“. Its first part is to be left at the Immigration Office at the entry, the second one could be kept and given in a moment of departure from the country. However, some travellers lost the second part, and were forced to ask for a duplicate at border office station. This fact caused big trouble and delay at departure.

The Chillian Authorities follow carefully that no plants, fresh fruit and vegetables, live or dead animals (even prepared ones), meat and meat products as well as the other foodstuffs, would be imported in the country.

Since January 1999, all tourists have to fill in - at all earth border crossings and international airports - so called „Respectable Declaration“ (SAG Servicio Agricola y Ganadero - State Agriculture and Breeding Service) that they do not import any from items, mentioned above.

If some of such things would be found, the passenger would be punished in accordance with valid laws. The products would be completely confiscated and the passenger would not receive the permit to enter to the country.

So called announcing duty does not exist in Chile.




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