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Recently, the Costarica Authorities made more severe controls of stay regime of foreigners in the country. So, we wish to recommend you to pay attention to the fact that, crossing Costarica border (in both directions), you receive the respective entry or exit stamps into your passport, not taking into account a fact that, in many cases, the immigration officers refuse to make a stamp there. Close to the border, especially with Panama and Nicaragua, frequent controls on roads are effected by local police, when especially travelling documents are checked, and entry and exit stamps are controlled. So, if some stamps are missing, as a consequence of a fault of local officer at the border, the tourists could be in big troubles, and an extradiction is menacing them.

Despite the fact that Costarica was taken for relatively safe country (within scope of Central America countries), since 1990, the safety situation is slowly becoming worse. In connection with even worse criminality not only in capital San Jose city centre, but around the whole Costarica territory, you are recommended, travelling to this country, to keep the following basic rules:

- keep your passport, air-tickets and the other important documents in hotel safe. and do not take it with

- would you travel with really necessary small cash money.

- do not take (wear) jewels, pay attention for valuable objects, such as video - or photocamera.

- parking is to be effected always on guarded parking place, do not leave any objects inside

the vehicle

- do not take any hitchhiker with

- do order always taxi-service by means of hotel-reception and the motor vehicles are to be leased at reliable rent-a-car offices only

- your travel policy must be checked as the extention and the covering are valid in Costarica

- pay big attention for your luggage and bags with documents in city centres, in hotel lobbies, bus stops and directly inside buses (the pilferages of personal belongings are frequent, from a desk above passenger´s heads, travelling in the bus)

- when leasing the car in Rent-a-Car office, would you carefully check the conditions of the agreement issued

The beaches in Costarica are relatively dangerous, as it does not look like this, from the first view. The beaches along both sides of coasts are characteristic with very strong streams, and imprudent swimmers could be carried away from sea coast. So, we wish to recommend you to pay an increased attention to such fact.

In past, several tourists were get drowned in Costarica.


Important Phone Numbers:

Ambulance First Aid Service:   911

Firemen:                                       118

Traffic police:                               222 - 9330, 222 - 9245

Traffic accidents:                        800 - 800 - 8000


Costa Rica


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