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SK, The Most Beautiful Bicycle Trails in Slovakia

Published: 24.6.2018
We have good news for everyone keen on biking. The part two of the Most Beautiful Bicycle Trals which contains a selection of new 50 most beautiful circuit routes chosen to cover the entire territory of Slovakia is soon hitting the bookstores.

After the first part of the book The Most Beautiful Bicycle Trails by Dajama, a family publishing house, they decided to release another Slovakia-wide bicycle guide. It will become the ninth book on bicycling. The publication includes additional 50 bicycle trails that can be done either on road, trekking or mountain bikes. 

The Most Beautiful Biycle Trails Part Two


The authors of the new book are also Daniel Kollar, Frantisek Turinsky and Karol Mizla. They have carefully selected these bicycle paths so that you can see as much as possible when riding and move around in a variety of terrain and environments.The Most Beautiful Biycle Trails Part Two   The Most Beautiful Biycle Trails Part Two

Lákavé lokality pro náročné, ale i rekreační cyklisty

Again, every bicyclist will find something to like arouh ere for this book will feature almost everything biking can offer. Whether it be riding on the riverbeds and in the floodplain forests, on flat and lowland roads, forest roads, even on mountain ridges.

The Most Beautiful Bicycle Trails Part Two

Basic trails are more demanding, but each has an easier alternative. You can choose according to your physical fitness and taste. The lengths of the basic trails range from 36 to 119 km and most of them are mediocre to very demanding. Alternatively, other routes are considerably shorter (from 13 to 62 km) and less demanding. The book includes, of course, photographs, map slides with marked trails, itineraries, and important route profiles.

The Most Beautiful Bicycle Trails Part Two

Not Only Sport and Performance but Exploration Too

Biking has been developing in a very unprecedented way lately, and increasing number cyclists are on the road all over Slovakia. They ride a bicycle not only for sports, but also as way of exploring different corners of the country.

That is why the authors of the publication tried to make every route lead to the most interesting places of the given locality and did not forget any significant cultural or natural monument.

The Most Beautiful Bicycle Trails

Cyclists can see beautiful views, water surfaces, castles or mansions. One of the trails leads around Vrsatske Klippe and another route around Cergov, where you can see the wooden churches or the ruins of Novy Castle. The book will also take you to the Kysuce Forest Railway or the picturesque Slovak Paradise.

Slovensko – Many Possibilites for Bicycles

The Most Beautiful Bicycle Trails Part Two

Slovakia really is the ideal place for making bicycle trips trips because there are several thousand kilometers of marked bicycle trails. However, there missing are those where cyclists do not meet with other bicyclists. Every year, new trails are being built. We hope that our book will also make its part in promotion of not only existing ones but also inspire to built new ones.

Slovensko je skutečně ideálním místem pro cyklistické výlety, protože se zde nachází již několik tisíc kilometrů značených cykloturistických tras. Chybí však ty, kde se cyklisté nepotkávají s jinými účastníky provozu. Každý rok přibývají nové a nové, a tak doufejme, že i tato kniha pomůže zpropagovat nejen ty stávající, ale přispěje i k tvorbě Nejkrásnější cyklookruhy, 2. díl nových.

The Most Beautiful Bicycle Trails, part one and two book guides may be bought in bookstores all over Slovakia or you can win! If you write us your tip for your most favorite bicycle trails before July 1, 2018 at info@infoglobe.sk you may win one! Winners will be announced on our social networks.

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Source and photo: archiv DAJAMA

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