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Safety situation in Cyprus

The stay on the territory of Republic of Cyprus is safe, even also during night hours, as street crime is minimal. You have no problem to speak English in Cyprus. The tourists who enter the territory of Republic of Cyprus via legal border points, they can travel into north part of the island (on territory of so called North Cyprus Turkish Republic) and stay here without any restriction. Nevertheless, the officials of this Cyprian Republic could, after return to the territory under government control, require the presentation of air-ticket or ship-ticket, as an evidence that the citizen entered the territory of Cyprus in legal way. So, the tourists who entered  Cyprus illegally, are under menace that their entrance to territory under government control would not be permitted.

When you intend to buy some landed property or to effect any other business operations in this respect in north part  of the island ( i.e. on territory of so called North Cyprus Turkish Republic), you are strictly recommended to let work out qualified legal judgement , regarding state of  proprietorial law to real estate in question. In such cases, great risk exists, that this could be real estate (landed property), offered without consent of his registered owner. According to Cyprian penal (criminal) law, non entitled operations with real estates , moreover without consent of his registered owner, could be taken for criminal act. Such operations could prevent irresponsible handling from real estate (landed property) of  authorized owners – i.e. Greek Cyprians in their north part of the island.


Important phone numbers:

Police, ambulance, firemen:: 112 or 119






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