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Places of interest

CZ: Balcarka Cave
Published: 24.12.2010
This cave is situated inside headland of Balcar Rock, close to subterranean flow of Lopač and Krasový brooks, in an altitude of 460 metres above sea level. Complicated many-storey cave system is furnished with rich stalactite decoration.

Anniversary Eve Of Slavkov Battle
Published: 17.12.2010
So called experience touring could have many faces. They are, for instance, knowledge or nostalgic journeys by train. In Slovakia, it is Wagon Service Special, aimed at such form of entertainment. So, we travelled with saloon train for an excursion, dedicated to 205th anniversary of famous Slavkov Battle in Moravia.

Kateřinská Cave
Published: 16.12.2010
Kateřinská Cave is situated close to the community of Techov, South Moravia Region, in an altitude of 364 metres above sea level.

Slaný - Famous King's Town - VIDEO
Published: 14.12.2010
Slaný is not the only town which can be proud on "nickname" King's town. Anyway, the fact that you are arriving there you can read at each road leading to city centre, such as. "The King's town of Slaný welcomes you!"

Do You Know, That? The Greatest Veteran-Car Museum
Published: 12.12.2010
We shall have a look, after visiting heavy technics and rude countryside, sightseeings and unique museums of the Czech Republic, again at technical places of interest. Maybe, the women could protest against such specification. However, our original plan, to describe something about Toys' Museum, fell through on opening time period, as this institution is open for public during summer months only.

Horní Blatná
Published: 10.12.2010
The town of Horní Blatná is placed not far from Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad), Region Karlovy Vary, in an altitude of 900 metres above sea level. Its historical nucleus belongs to most preserved towns of Iron Ore Mountains.

Mladeč Caves
Published: 9.12.2010
Mladeč Caves are composed from labyrinths of three subhorizon floors. Totally, 330 metres of corridors and halls are open for public. The caves are to be found in the community of Mladeč, Olomouc Region.

Do You Know, That? The Biggest Machine Of Czech R.
Published: 5.12.2010
After visits of technical museums, we shall continue in our technical spirit. Although Czech Republic has many nature beauties, some unique things could be found which could not bring a beauty to such picturesque countryside. But, on the other hand, a heart of lovers of heavy machines would be pleased, indeed.

Nový Oldřichov
Published: 3.12.2010
The community of Nový Oldřichov is situated in Česká Lípa district, Liberec Region, in an altitude of 370-550 metres above sea level. The village is placed between afforested hills, in an area of protected countryside of Bohemian Hihglands and Lužické Mountains, where Bystrá-river is flowing.

CZ: Punkva Caves - Special Event For Everybody
Published: 2.12.2010
Punkva Caves got its name according to standing subterranean spaces of Punkva-river, between Macocha Abyss and Pustý (Punkva Žleb). The system of underground halls is placed in two levels (stages), situated in north direction from Brno, Moravian Karst, in an altitude of 355 metres above sea level.

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