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Places of interest

Published: 29.4.2008
Castle of Konopiště is situated in Benešov district, 45 kms distant from Prague. It was founded originally as a Gothic castle, by Bishop Tobias of Benešov.

East Bohemian rivers in spring
Published: 26.4.2008
Description of several rivers which are worth to visit:

Kost castle
Published: 24.4.2008
The Castle of Kost is situated in Bohemian Paradise, 4 kms distant of small town of Sobotka. It is rather speciality between Bohemian castles, because it is placed in plain, not on hill.

Published: 23.4.2008
Castle of Křivoklát belongs to one of our oldest and most important buildings in Czech Republic. It is situated in heart of beautiful forests. First notice about this castle comes from beginning of 12th century. Thanks to its position, Křivoklát became very popular with Bohemian Kings and Princes, and the castle was used as their hunting-seat.

Kolín Town
Published: 23.4.2008
Kolín is a town with rich history. According to the oldest sources of 1261, its originally name was Colonia. The archeological discoveries prove that this town was founded on a place colonized since Primeval Age. The oldest notice comes from Stone Age. Anyway, the historians are of an opinion that this area was settled very soon, so it became a great trade cross-road.

Published: 21.4.2008
This Gothic Castle was founded by Bohemian King and Roman Emperor Chatles IV in 1348, originally from a reason, in order to Imperial Coronation Jewels and Saint Relics could be put there. Karlštejn belongs to most famous and most picturesque Bohemian Castles and it became rightly a symbol of Czech State.

Published: 15.4.2008
The ruin of Trosky is situated on rocky formation of volcanic origin, founded in Tertiary formation, in consequence of coagulation of red-hot magma. The base for later construction of castle became two cones, distant approximately 76 metres from each other.

Published: 10.4.2008
A community of Poděbrady was originally, before the foundation of Bohemian State, a locality named as "pode brody" ("along fords") - as nearby Elbe-ford was placed there. King Přemysl Ottokar II. let constructed a castle during 1262-1268, later changed and modernized it to more comfortable seat.

Bohdaneč spa
Published: 10.4.2008
First written notice of Bohdaneč comes from 1343, nevertheless, historians are of the opinion that the community was founded earlier, the exact period is not stated.

Bezděz castle
Published: 9.4.2008
A ruin of Bezděz Castle is situated in very nice countryside, in southeastern direction of Mácha Lake. Bezděz belongs to most known and popular castles of Czech Republic.

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