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Capital:                           Copenhagen

Population:                    5 502 790

GNP:                               + 3,4% (2005)

Official Language:        Danish

Denmark is a country situated in the northern Europe. Together with Greenland and Faer Islands form the state complex of Kingdom of Denmark. Denmark is the smallest from all Scandinavian countries but you do not find it on Scandinavian Peninsula. It is formed with Jutland Peninsula  and the islands Fyn, Sjaelland and hundreds of further smaller islands.


Denmark is a Constitutional Monarchy, the Head of State os a Monarch filling the representative tasks. The country is administratively divided into 14 districts. Denmark is a Member of European Union and NATO.


Denmark is mostly a plained country - its highest points reach 170 m approx. Germany is its only continental neighbour.


The coast is rugged with many bays and islands. In the inland there are extending the forests,  marshes and heaths.


We recommend you to conclude - before your trip to Denmark - the respective type of health insurance for staying abroad, owing to high prices on Danish Market.


Since September 2005 there were expressively rigoroused the recourses for traffic offences. The citizens from abroad have to reckon with high penalties - for passing over of speed limit with more then 30%, for dangerous going ahead, in case of driving without usie of safety belt(especially in case of persons younger of 15 years' of age) or driving on red signal of semaphore.

You have to reckon with unpleasant recourse provided you drive with an alcohool in blood(higher measured values that 2 prom. - the police has the right to seize the offender). The drive with an alcohool in blood in a limit 0-0,5 prom. is to be tolerated. As to travelling with town transport: we do not recommend to travel without a ticket, the controls are made often and the penalties are very high. When calculating the  transport costs, you take into consideration the fees for transit of bridges and  ship transport between islands.


In Denmark there are 2 TV companies broadcasting in 6 channels. In the country there are being issued 10 titles of newspapers and the same number of weeklies.






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