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General Information

Official Name:                                           Egyptian Arab Republic

Capital:                                                      Cairo

Extent:                                                       1 001 450 square kilometres

                                                                   (from total: the land contains 995 450² kms)


Total Length of Egyptian Coasts:        2936 kms         

Sharing from Total:                                Mediterranean: 995 kms, Red Sea 1941 kms

Population Number:                               78, 887 millions

Official Language:                                   Arabian

State Organization:                                 Republic

Main Religion:                                          Islam (90%), Coptic (10%)


Transport Ways

Egyptian public transport is quite of high quality level. Nile Valley, delta and Suez-Canal area are connected with railway nest. The other areas could be reached by common taxi or by bus. On Nile-river, you can navigate by means of felluks (local boats) or with sightseeing vessels. If you wish to save your time, so do not hesitate and use the service of flight companies, such as Egypt Air or Air Sinai, operating inland flights.


The Nile-river is the only flow in Egypt. In 1970, there was set up Asuan Dam on the Nile. The construction is 111 metres high, the extent has 5000 square kilometres and is 500 kms long ( the dam interferes up to Sudan), the depth makes 95 kms, whereas the volume of stopped water makes 130 billions of cubic metres. In north, Nile makes a delta at extention of 24000 square kilometres. Along coasts, several big lagoons are formed, divided with sandy belts. On west as well as of the east of delta, several big lakes are to be found. the greatest from them are those, such as Mairut, Edku, Burullus (1900 square kilometres) and Manzala (2400 square kilometres).


From physical point of view, Egypt forms east part of Sahara Desert. It is created with high placed table-land, divided with Nile-Valley into west part, formed with Arabian Desert. Here, high placed table is formed, divided with Nile-Valley to west part, formed with Libya Desert, and east part, formed with Arabian Desert. Granite minerals are main basin of this plateau. In south, along Egyptian-Lybian border, there is to be found Dzabal Abenat Massif, with its highest peak,1934 metres high. Libya Desert is formed mostly from sandy dunnes, on some places with stone rocky desert. In north of Libya Desert, there is to be found, in west-east direction, narrow belt of depressions, including the greatest one, Cattara (20000 square kilometres).and the lowest point (-137 metres). On right part of Nile-river, Sahara Desert continues in Arabian Desert towards Red Sea. Mountain chain, formed from granite and porfyr is arising there, including with Sajid, the highest peak. Dry valleys (vadi) are characteristic for this area. From time to time,quite big quantity of water flows through after seasonal heavy rains. In south, Arabian Desret is changing into Nubia Desert. Sinai Peninsula is also an Egyptian territory, bordered with Suez and Aqaba strait. Nevertheless, Sinai Peninsula belongs to Asia from geographical point of view. Here, you can find the highest Egyptian Mountain (St.Catherine Peak-Gebel Katherina 2642 m).


The prices in Egyptian hotels are stipulated, according to the dependence on their standard of level, tradition and quality. Generally, it is to be mentioned that, with regard to European standard, there are acceptable hotels, marked as four star and of higher stage. The prices in such accommodation equipments move in range of  USD 30-70 per one day and a bed, dependent hotel stage level, its position and saison period. In Cairo, Alexandria price level reaches  a double(in saison, in sea-coas hotel complexes of Hilton, Meridien, Marriott, Sheraton, etc.stage).

Newspapers, Press, Media

In Cairo, Luxor, Alexandria and Asuan, you can buy various American, British, German or French newspapers (as, for instance, Time or Newsweek). In the other towns, the purchase of foreign newspapers is rather limited. As far as TV programmes are concerned, local canals are controlled by state, so that most of TV sending time take recitals from Koran or transmission of local soccer matches. Anyway, in several hotels, satellite cannals are available, such as: BBC, CNN, Euronews, etc.





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