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Climber's shoes (lezečky)

Published: 8.10.2007
„Lezečky“ (Climber´s shoes) are special shoes for climbing on the rock or climbing on artificial wall which secure more friction on surface.

These shoes are manufactured of leather and rubber. The sole is made of rubber and the rest is leathern. The shoes are not suitable for standard walking, running or any other sport. However, the walking in these shoes is quite uncomfortable, quite impossible is run or playing football. If we climb on sandstone, the shoes would not be too hard as the sandstone is crumbling and with hard shoes the stone could be destroyed. We buy the shoes according to the kind of surface. The shoes are different  for use in the mountains, on sandstone, limestone or leasure climbing on the artificial wall.

As to comfortability: the best are universal shoes, they  pinch a little  but the legs do not pain while climbing on small steps. We recommend you-not  to use the shoes with radical  bending  of leg-vault  and dry slide fastener. A classical shoe-lace is better as it holds better.

The shoes for a performance are manufactured so, in order to present the support also on small steps. Its form is bent in the direction of lengthwise leg-vault. Its heel is worked in more detailed way, which embrace a leg. This can be used especially in overhanging rocks.

This kind of shoes does not have middle-sole, from the reason of feelings. It is also possible to take into consideration the use of dry slide-fastener, it enables to take off the shoe quickly while climbing.

We do not recommend to the beginners to buy extremely  formed shoes, the leg is not prepared for it, it causes the pain and makes the climbing unpleasant.

There are also the shoes for climbing through chinks. They are flat  and have soft  middle-sole, muffling a pain while the leg is put into a chink.

While choosing the climbing shoes, you have to decide, which of two extrems will more suit your needs: the toes will be free pulled inside a shoe, or bent down across the foot. Provided the shoe suit you , a minimum of place would remain, the fingers would be bent, but not twisted.


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