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Places of interest

Germany: Saxony Fascinating II.
Published: 26.3.2012
In the first article on the Free State of Saxony, we showed you the beautiful and fascinating history of Dresden, Leipzig and Pirna. We will continue in today's article, where we introduce you, although smaller, but more beautiful city or town that tourists sought the frontier region full of breathtaking nature, kind-hearted and hospitable people and excellent cuisine.

Germany: Fascinated Saxony
Published: 5.3.2012
Saxony is an area with rich history, beautiful cities, precious collections in museums, or famous cultural enterprises. The cultural wealth of the Free State of Saxony, one of Germany's 16 federal states, holds the status of leader in the field of tourism.

Do You Know That? The Biggest Airliner Of The World
Published: 3.7.2011
The pretensions for modern plain transport are more and more stronger. The speed, preferred in past, was substituted by transfer capacity and better comfort. So, today, we have a look which types of present aircrafts are able to fullfill all required parametres, without any stipulation.

Germany: Bayreuth - The Town Of Richard Wagner
Published: 3.1.2011
Bayreuther Festspiele, Markgrafliches Opernhaus and other places of interest of such locality as well as another activities, all these are offered to visitors and local inhabitants by this German town. The locality is situated in North Bavaria, on Roter Main river, easily accessible by car or by train, but also a connection by plain from near Nurenberg is also available.

Constance And Huss House - Germany
Published: 23.8.2010
This year, we recollected just the 595th anniversary of martyr's death of Master John Huss, Bohemian priest and reformer, in the German town of Constance. It means that in 2015, it will pass away 600 years form this event which expressively influenced not only Bohemian history. So, we can assume that this town, placed along banks of Constance Lake will be more popular tourist targed.

Berlin - Two World Of One Town - VIDEO
Published: 27.7.2010
This German capital is a town, pulsing letterally day and night. In past, Berlin was one of main seats of Fuhrer Hitler, or a town with its fixed frontier between East and West. Nevertheless, you feel the history nearly on each step.

Munich - Germany
Published: 27.6.2010
The town of Munich is situated near to the Alp Mountain Range, along Isar-river. The locality is the third biggest German town. At the same time, Munich is a capital of Bavaria Federal Country.

Published: 25.1.2008
Oberstdorf is an important spa and ski centre.This place is famous especially thanks to Ski-Jumping Competition of „ Four Ski-Bridges Jumping Races“ taken place each year, which is the start of ski season at the same time. Anyway, only a few ski-jumpers are coming here for ski-jumping.

Published: 24.1.2008
The slopes of Osterfelderkopf, Kreuzeck and Hausberg in the ski resort Classic offer most number of rope-railways and descent routes. On the other hand, the snowboardists meet especially in a centre of Zugspitzplatt, offering unique, 140 kms long U-Rampe, entertainment snowpark and jumps point. Ski-saison starts at the beginning of October and offer 22 kms of routes for skiiers.

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