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Population:                     250 000

Official Language:         French

Corsica is an island situated in the west Mediterranean  included to the administration of France.  The island is known as a Pearl of Mediterraneum or also  Mountain-range in the Sea.

It is interesting that Napoleon Bonaparte was born here.


The island is included to the administarion of France.


According to the name „Mountain-range in the Sea“ we can  conclude that the Corsica could be mountaneous island- with average altitude of 568 m – and it is true. Except of this, there are numerous rivers, very attractive for water tourists.


There is a Mediterranean  climate on the coasts , but with the arising  sea-level it is changing a lot. The temperatures are dropping and oft  rains are very heavy.


see: section France


Corsica is an island. You can choice your way of transport , if you  prefere to go there by plane or by ship. Provided you choose a ship-transport,  the best connection is from Italian Port of Livorno. You can, of course, use the other Italian or French Ports ( Genova, Savonna, Marseille, Nice, Toulon). The prices for a person are ranging from EUR 20,- up to EUR 35,-.

During driving  a car along Corsica  (with the exception of the way on eastern coast) you have to keep „cold head“ and not to feel a dizzyness. Local roads are quite exposed and narrow.





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